Generous Gifts for our ‘Thank You to the Helpers’


Generous giftsWe are so excited to announce that an amazing group of local sponsors has come along beside us and donated to create a generous gift basket for our ‘Thank You to the Helpers’ winner!

Heroes of 2020

Generous gifts for our winner

  1. $20 Gift Card to Mama’s Cold Brew – Mama’s Cold Brew is a ridiculously delicious Phoenix-based iced coffee business that provides high quality cold brewed organic iced coffee paired with homemade organic creamers. Follow them on Instagram at @mamascoldbrew
  2. Vim and Vigor Candle – handcrafted natural soy wax candles. scented with top of the line fragrance oils + poured in 100% pure copper containers
  3. Wild Tonic – The WILD TONIC® story begins with an artist and her passion for innovation and creativity. Painter, Holly Lyman, worked with beeswax, an ancient medium known as encaustic, for many years until she discovered the art of fermentation. One day, her love of painting with beeswax transformed into working with honey, another labor of love created by the bees. As with many creative endeavors that sometimes spill into other forms of expression, Holly unexpectedly found herself fascinated with a rare ferment known as Jun. She brewed with this living culture day after day until several years and brew experiments later,
    WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha was born!
  4. Audrey’s Chia – Audrey’s better-for-you cookies are made with premium quality ingredients and packed with chia seeds. These great tasting, crunchy cookies will satisfy your craving while providing the benefits of chia.Thin, crispy, and delicious – Audrey’s Chia Cookies are made with no artificial ingredients and no corn syrup, but contain antioxidants and provide Omega-3’s!Maintain your healthy lifestyle but satisfy that sweet tooth!
  5. Heroes of 2020Three Peaks Manuka Honey -Three Peaks Ultra-Premium honey is created in the heart of New Zealand, in the remote hills of the volcanic central plateau adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Site-Tongariro National Park. Certified 100% pure and authentic, Three Peaks is independently tested and certified for stringent New Zealand UMF Honey Association purity and quality standards. Available in a UMF scale ranging from 5+ to 20+, Three Peaks Honey is life enriching and ideal for daily use for overall health and wellness. The Three Peaks Honey range includes elegantly packaged glass Tongariro Jars in UMF 12+, 16+ and 18+, 20+, Manuka Everyday jars in UMF 5+, 6+, 8+, 10+ and 15+, Three Peaks UMF 12+ Single Serve Multi-Packs great for on-the-go and Multifloral Manuka Honey blend jars. For more information visit
  6. Sparkly Straws by Emily Austin – ECO friendly, hypoallergenic borosilicate glass straws are hand blown at 2000 degrees and annealed in a kiln at 1150 degrees to strengthen them! Each 9″ straw comes with a cleaning brush and a pouch using African free trade fabrics and Swarovski crystal bead accents. Emily Austin Designs will customize the straws in your favorite crystal colors and patterns. You can put them in the dishwasher! (do not microwave.) One dollar will be donated to “Oceana” for every straw purchased. Straws and bags are MADE IN THE USA! All crystal work is done by hand in Scottsdale, AZ.
  7. Heroes of 2020goSili’s 16 oz. travel mugs are 100% plastic-free with an embedded stainless steel ring that makes them strong enough to grip without collapsing. It’s microwaveable, features an ultra-cool design and it’ll fit in dad’s cupholder.
    GoSili cups are 100% European grade silicone with an embedded stainless steel ring to hold its shape. It won’t collapse when gripped. GoSili’s patented technology paves the way for a new drinking experience and is the perfect alternative to plastic to-go cups. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to GoSili.
  8. Ilsa Fragrances
    Ilsa Fragrances creates thoughtful and unique luxury fragrances which inspire wearers to follow their dreams and fulfill their potential. #empowered #beauty
  9. Be Good for Kids – Be good is a socially conscious, next generation for this generation, personal care company. Be good is full of charm, free of harmful ingredients, and is suitable for children of all ages. It was created by a mother who recognized the need to create clean, safe, virtue-based products that would help teach children the value of good behavior and good grooming.
  10. Cookie Babies

    Jackie’s Cookie Babies are mall, snacking cookies. Born from the same fabulous home style dough we’ve been baking since 1979, Jackie’s Cookie Babies are CRISP-ity, CRUNCH-ity, POP-able, SNACK-able Nuggets of ABSOLUTE COOKIE TASTINESS.  And at about only 15 calories per cookie, you can enjoy a guilty pleasure that’s a lot less guilty and a lot more pleasure! Jackie’s Cookie Babies are typically packaged in beautiful, clear, resealable, plastic tubes (note, once you finish your cookies, the tubes are easy to clean and we encourage you to find great uses around the house, office or for school projects).

  11. Heroes of 2020Babo Botanicals

    Babo Botanicals launched in 2010 by Kate Solomon who at the time was a pioneer in natural. She is a beekeeper and was an agricultural volunteer in the US Peace Corps. She took the best of natural and developed Babo. Before Babo, she was at L’Oreal working with chemicals to develop products and wanted change in personal products – particularly with children and sensitive skin.

    Now Kate has gone beyond kids and has developed a range of non-toxic cosmetics and skincare for women with sensitive skin. Babo Botanicals products are designed for the most sensitive skin, from babies to adults and are 100% gluten free, soy free, and dairy free. Babo Botanicals retail partners include Amazon, Anthropologie, buybuyBABY,The Detox Market, Follain, Goop, Grove Collaborative, Pharmaca, Target, Thrive Market, Ulta, Whole Foods Market, Wegmans and many more. For more information, visit

  12. Prickly Flower Studio
    All things personalized, customized and cute!
  13. Heroes of 2020KidStop – Our goal, to create a different kind of toy store, one that is magical and fun for the entire family. As parents, we know the importance of feeling confident about the toy choices you make for your children. Children play to learn and therefore our mission is making sure that kids learn while they play. And we fiercely believe that families that play together, stay together; growing closer & closer over the years. To us it is that simple – with the right toys. 
  14. bFitCryo – Cryotherapy is essentially the process of using cold temperatures for their health benefits. This form of therapy has been used in different ways since the 1700s to decrease pain and muscle spasms, improve recovery, slow cell aging and improve health.

Thank you so much for to our generous donors for these amazing gifts! We are so thankful for you! 

Be sure and see this post for the nomination instructions (Click here).

If you are a local business that would like to donate to the gift basket, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].