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There is a definite new trend in the world of Facebook.  One that will capture the attention of any bargain hunting mom.  It comes with the words “Swip Swap” and has taken finding deals for your home, family, self and kids to a whole new level.

So what exactly is Swip Swap”?  

Swip Swap is Facebook’s version of Craigslist.  It starts with a Facebook Group being created by a set of administrators in a given area.  Then it becomes a posting board for pictures of items for sale – mostly items for the house, decor, anything for kids, shoes and even clothes.  I’ve seen everything from iPads and cell phones, to dog crates, swimming pools and dining room tables.

How does it work?  The goal of these groups is simple.  Allow members to post pictures of items they are selling.  (Each site has requirements for details that need to be included like price, location and exchange point.) Then the first person who comments on the picture that they want it, gets the item.  They then work with the seller to set up the “swap”.  Super easy!!

I’ve been participating in these sites for a quite a while now – both as a seller and as a buyer and I can guarantee that this is much easier than CraigsList.  Not only is it quicker to create the posts and communicate with the buyers and sellers, but it is also easy to browse.  One of my favorite things about it is that I love being able to bargain hunt during the kids nap times.  I don’t have to get up early on a Saturday morning and drive all over town h0ping to find that one special deal – I can sit on my couch and find it!

Want to find a “Swip Swap” site in your neighborhood?

No problem!!  Just type “Swip Swap” in the top of your Facebook search window and I’m sure you’ll be bombarded with a list to choose from.  But just in case that doesn’t work, here is a list of my three favorite “Swip Swap” sites here in the valley.

  1. North Valley Swip Swap
  2. Swip Swap Scottsdale
  3. Swip~Swap Anthem

PS: Keep in mind that each “Swip Swap” site out there has its own set of rules and regulations that are usually posted at the top of each group.  Make sure to read up on those before participating.  Happy swapping!!

Have you used any of the Facebook Swip Swap sites?  What is your favorite?  Do you have a different one that you would recommend to our readers?


  1. I’ve been using the Swip Swap mobile app and love it way more than the facebook groups for swapping… it shows the distance of where itens are posted from where I am and I can set the distance that I’m willing to swip swap.

  2. The Anthem Swip Swap admins are horrible. They block people for no reason, they don’t reply to questions and they have isolated 1/2 of the community. I know there are rules to follow but when you can’t delete at a certain time (heck they close for 4 days) then they just ban and don’t give answers. No exceptions. They banned one guy because his picture was too scary for them. (It was just his photo). Hope the other swip swaps are better because the one in Anthem needs new admins!

    • Hi Ginnie! Anthem Swip Swap hasn’t booted anyone (I know that, since it’s mine, lol). I think you’re thinking of Swip Swap Anthem. Lots of kicking off there. Also, they are the ones that shut down monthly for deleting. I’ve not taken Anthem Swip Swap down at all. I just don’t want anyone confusing the two! lol, I’m nice!

  3. Why not try some of the phone apps that do this also. I live in Peoria, AZ and I have created this app called Gopher CnYS which is available on android phones right now. Apple phones should be getting app sometime beginning of next year. Unlike Swip Swap groups which are focused on their particular area, app will let you sell, buy or trade anywhere in the valley or further. This is hobby of mine, app is free and i could always use ideas how to improve it. Here is the link to the app on Google play store.


  4. I was wondering if an administrator from one of the other sites could tell me how to do a clean up on a swip swap site. I am an administrator but do not know how to do this. We have not done one in over a year and people are not good at taking down old post. Any help you could give me is appreciated. thank you

  5. How do I get started to Swip Swap it says they’re closed Group so I sent a friend request to the two I want to join. Do I get a message back and then I can view and post things to sell? Someone please advise since I’m in a hurry to sell some items I’m trying to save my house from foreclosure

  6. I am a photographer, specializing in wedding, pregnancy and newborns…my rates are below competitive a bit because I use a lot of free forums like fb…do these sites allow this sort of thing…posting my up coming events and rates n such?? I feel I’m more than reasonable in my rates…my average digital wedding run $1500.00 twin newborn sessions run $250 I’d love to find a free forum to run my specials from here in the valley…any suggestions???


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