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wpid-Photo-Aug-27-2013-1038-AM.jpgScottsdale Moms Blog presents a new series: “Pinterest Tried & True!” Join us this week as our contributors share which great ideas from Pinterest really worked for them. We’ll be talking about food, fashion, home decor, crafts, and boredom busters for kids!


I’m not the craftiest mom on the block.  Ok, Really, I’m usually terrible at it. But maybe if I had more time to practice, try new things, and experiment with my inner craftiness, I might be good at it…I think.

*crickets, crickets*

However, one area in which I do have confidence is fashion! I mostly live by the motto, “Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it!” AND, I don’t really care what people think about my clothing choices either. I think fashion should be fun, an expression of who you are, AND a risk worth taking. After all, if you happen to have a terrible outfit, there’s always tomorrow to give it another go!

I LOVE using Pinterest as a form of inspiration for my fashion choices. I follow several stylists including one of my best friends, Alexandra Evjen who was just nominated for a fashion award by InStyle! I love the Scottsdale Moms Blog fashion board AND I have one of my own where I pin anything that’s inspiring me in the wardrobe arena. It’s a great way to piece together outfits and to ‘shop’ without leaving your house or buying anything. I always make a mental note of my latest, favorite Pinterest fashion trend and keep an eye out for something similar when I’m shopping. Lately, I’ve been SUPER inspired with the idea of making my own hair bows.

Remember what I mentioned a few sentences back about not being crafty?

Stay with me here.

I actually own my own Etsy shop, Stellar Day Boutique. I have several brilliant designers who design all the bows, one of which I work more closely with to give my own creative input. We work together to create things that we think will be adorable on little girls, babies, and women. It’s a blast! Recently, I’ve really felt the urge to dive in and try to create my own hair bows, mostly just to try and see if I can be successful in designing something that I would actually wear.

I began searching Pinterest for a couple of very easy tutorials and discovered that there are SO many bow tutorials! Wow! So I got to work making a couple of bows that I hope to duplicate in my shop very soon.

The first one was this giant (and I mean GIANT) sequence bow headband. I used this tutorial to help me craft it, and I LOVE the way it turned out. I mean, it’s not perfect, but I think it’s pretty good for my first time around! It’s a ‘no sew’ tutorial, so you can’t really go wrong with that! The tutorial was easy to follow and understand, which made it simple for this non-crafty mama. I seriously love how huge the bow is!

Scottsdale Moms Blog, Pinterest, Fashion

The second time I went to make my own hair bows, I felt like something a little more bohemian, dainty and pretty. So I searched for lace SIY headbands and let me tell you, finding a tutorial that I liked was no easy task. I finally found this tutorial and was sure glad I did. I liked this headband the best, it involves a little bit of sewing, which fortunately I DO know how to do, but most of it is done with a glue gun.

Scottsdale Moms Blog, Pinterest, Fashion

Both of these bows took me under 10 minutes to make and I have almost ZERO crafting skills. But it was super fun to try and I’m thrilled to add these two pieces to my wardrobe. Pinterest is such an awesome place to find a tutorial for just about anything, including lots of creative ideas for fashion! Follow our Style board on Pinterest to see all the latest fashions we are loving!

What’s the best fashion DIY tutorial YOU’VE tried that has WORKED? I’d love to hear it!


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