Christmas Time is Here… enjoy it!


December is my favorite month!  There is something about the shared excitment, decorations everywhere and Christmas music on the radio that makes me walk around with a smile all month long!  (It doesn’t hurt that my birthday also falls in December;-)

I was talking with some other Scottsdale Moms the other day and we all agreed that we enjoy Christmas season, but sometimes, in the rush, all the joy is taken out of the process because we get too busy and too focused on getting things done that we forget to enjoy the ride.  It’s time that we all take a lesson from Reagan, my 15 month old daughter.  She is able to really be in the moment… I mean fully be peacefully content with what she is doing.  When I take her to the gym, she LOVES to do whatever mommy (or anyone else) is doing.  She walks up to the bar bell and starts pushing it and even tries to pick it up.  Where is she going? What is she accomplishing?  Nowhere.  Nothing.  She is simply thrilled to get that bar to move and then walks in circles with a smile on her face as if to say “this is really cool… look what I can do… this is living!”

Could we do that this year while trimming the tree or shopping for gifts or spending time with our loved ones?  Can we enjoy the process?  Even if the tree falls over after its been completely decorated… even if the meal doesn’t turn out at all and you have to get pizza instead… even if someone does something that is oh-so-frustrating?  We are moms and we have to power to make this month full of joy and great memories for everyone we touch!  I hope that each day, from the time you wake up until the time you lay down, that you can say “this is really cool… look what I can do… this is living!”


Joy is the Co-founder of Scottsdale Moms Blog and absolutely loves living in Scottsdale with her hubby Kevin and their daughter Reagan (born August 2009) and one on the way.  She is a lover of nature, a research analyst on all things related to life, a home manager, a crafty art-eest, Chief Marketing Officer for Cactus CrossFit, mommy, daughter and friend.  You are always welcome to e-mail Joy at [email protected].



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