Teach your child community, sportsmanship, and teamwork through football


Scottsdale Moms is excited to partner with Future for Football to talk about youth sports and the benefits it holds for families!

Kate Eschbach spoke with Keaton Webb about the invaluable lessons he has learned through football.

Community, sportsmanship, and teamwork were the theme as they spoke about his experience playing football.


Kate can always catch the guys in the neighborhood picking up a game at the park, including anyone and everyone willing to catch! One of her favorite things is visiting with other moms after school while the kids get some energy out running and playing around with one another.


Kate shares a few surprises when she has caught Keaton being an outstanding role model. Be sure and listen as she shares the times he made a superb role model for her younger children!

Teamwork in football

Keaton shares how important it is to show up for your team and be dependable in practice and in the game. I love that he and his teammates are learning such invaluable lessons that will carry them through every stage of life.

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Has your kiddo learned valuable lessons through football? What lessons have they learned?

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