Frozen Food Month: Smart & Final Solutions to a Busy Day


We are on the go today! It’s one of those days when everything is coming at us full speed ahead. Isn’t it just the worst when you get so busy with life’s obligations that you suddenly realize you haven’t taken the time to eat anything, let alone something nutritious? For me, what could easily end up happening is a trip to the drive-thru or fishing something out of the pantry that doesn’t support my personal nutrition goals. It’s days like this that I’m grateful for modern-day conveniences like frozen fruits and vegetables. Did you know that March is Frozen Food Month?   

Smart & Final is celebrating Frozen Food all month long (March 3-30) with sales on household frozen favorites, a cool $10 off qualifying purchase of $40 or more and enter for a chance to win hot prizes in the Beaches & Blizzard Sweepstakes.   

One of my favorite busy day hacks is to always be prepared with something quick and easy but also healthy and nutritious. Smart & Final to the rescue for a supply of assorted frozen fruits to toss into my morning smoothie. My whole family loves a smoothie and it’s what we usually make every day for breakfast. Into my VitaMix, I toss in a couple handfuls of First Street Berry Medley frozen berries, either frozen cauliflower or spinach (of course you could always do both), 1 banana, 2 or 3 scoops of protein powder, about 5-6 ice cubes, and fill to the top of the ingredients with milk of choice (my family likes almond milk). Blend it all up until smooth. If it’s too thick, just add more milk or maybe even water. Instead of using berries, try a tropical fruit blend with pineapple, mango, papaya and oranges. The combinations are endless!  The beauty of adding those frozen veggies is that the kids can’t taste it and they will never even know that they’re in there. What I really love about using cauliflower is that it doesn’t change the color of the smoothie the way spinach does.  To give a little extra substance into the hungry bellies of two growing boys, Sun Harvest organic waffles is an easy grab-and-go breakfast. They’ve got a smoothie in one hand and a waffle in the other. Yes, my boys live their best lives!  

frozen foodWhen busy days turn into busy nights, the way it does for me on the evenings I teach yoga, I leave my husband in charge of making dinner. He gets a little tired of serving the same old spaghetti every night, so we’re going with First Street Mandarin Orange Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice, which he’ll mix with Sun Harvest Organic Riced Cauliflower.  To add in a little extra, he’ll saute in some bell pepper strips. This dinner is going to be such a win-win for us all! Dad wins with an easy to prepare dinner, kids win because orange chicken is delicious and Mom wins because we’re adding veggies.   

Probably the best solution to a busy day is to win a vacation to get away from it all! Cross your fingers for me because I just entered for a chance to win Smart & Final’s Blizzard & Beaches grand prize trip for two to a hot or cold destination of choice, $1,000 spending cash and $250 Smart & Final gift card.   

Visit for all the details of the Blizzard & Beaches Sweepstakes, including first and second place prizes. And don’t forget to share your favorite frozen food with us in the comments!


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