Dr. Kelly’s Trusted, Convenient, Affordable Surgical Care for Our Four-Legged Friends

Dr. Kelly

Dr. KellyBonnie is our family’s four-year old shepherd and lab mix. She is such a good dog. We adopted her as a very young puppy from what I refer to as a backyard breeder. As I researched the cost of the series of vaccinations a puppy needs, I felt a little overwhelmed at the cost through our vet’s office. My sister-in-law had heard of Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Vet and recommended I look into the services that they offered. I was so relieved by the drastic difference in cost! They are a team of pet owners and veterinarians who believe all pet owners should have access to affordable care for their companions. Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Vet Unit offers low cost surgical care for pets. I sent a text to Dr. Kelly’s team and they replied back right away. They let me know when they would be in my area and the appointment was made. I’ve kept up with Bonnie’s vaccinations through Dr. Kelly’s team ever since.

Fast forward a couple years later when we adopted two female kittens from the litter my friend discovered in her backyard. I knew right away where I would take them to get spayed. Again, I contacted Dr. Kelly’s team and once again, it was very easy to get my appointment scheduled.

It has loomed over my head for years that Bonnie was still not fixed.  It was one of those things where you keep saying day after day that you’ll call “tomorrow.” So when the opportunity came up to partner with Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Vet Unit with Scottsdale Moms Collective, I raised my hand so fast.  

I started by scheduling my appointment with the help of a gal named Lexi. Lexi should get a prize for how patient and kind she was with me. As a busy mom of two humans, an active volunteer at their school, a yoga teacher and preparing for a home renovation project, it was tricky finding a spot on the schedule that worked for me. And when I told her about Bonnie, she gushed with me over what a good girl she is. If anyone gushes over my pets (or human children) with me, they are #1 in my book.  

Leading up to the appointment date, I received text reminders including a link to a pinned location showing exactly where the mobile unit would be. They have a few units that travel around the Phoenix Metro area, as well as Tucson. They will schedule appointments based on when a unit will be in your area. Each unit is an RV style truck fully equipped with hospital grade surgical equipment. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the friendliest vet tech who gave me a standard intake form to complete. She asked me a few questions about Bonnie and brought her in to see the vet who gave her an initial examination to be sure she was in overall good health to undergo anesthesia and surgery. It was also in this consultation that I elected to have Bonnie’s nails trimmed and to have her microchipped. Once Bonnie was given the all clear, I left to go home to get the humans ready for school and attend our PTO meeting. I was called by the vet tech to inform me that the vet noticed some skin irritation on Bonnie’s girl parts and recommended antibiotics. It was explained to me that the case was mild and of course the choice to fill the meds was up to me. I decided to proceed with the treatment and the meds were filled right there in the RV.  

Bonnie was ready to go home just a couple hours after I dropped her off. When I arrived back at the designated location, the vet tech went over the post-op information and instructions and thoroughly answered all the questions I had. At that point, she took my payment and after that was squared away, she brought Bonnie out to me. I was so surprised but also relieved to see that Bonnie was just as strong as ever. That girl will pull your arm off when she’s on a leash if you’re not careful!  

Once we got home, Bonnie settled into her kennel to rest and convalesce. I was told she would remain pretty groggy and out of it for the remainder of the day, and sure enough, she did. But by day two, Bonnie was back to her old self, keeping a watchful eye on her human brothers and making sure the cats were all on their best behavior. The cats did get a good laugh out of seeing Bonnie in her cone shaped collar! Now, here we are, a week out from her surgery. Bonnie is 100% back to her regular self and I have such a sense of relief that I have one less thing to worry about. When it comes to our furry family members, nothing but the best will do, and it’s great to know that the best doesn’t have to cost a fortune!  

Thanks to Dr. Kelly's Mobile Vet Unit for sponsoring this post.


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