A Few of My Favorite Toddler Items {Gifts for One-Year-Olds and Their Mamas!}


SMB Jordy Rev

Just last month, I shared my favorite baby items that made life with a new little one a bit easier. Now, two years in to that little one’s life, we have a crazy, busy, wild and loud toddler on our hands. Here are a few of my favorite items that got us through his second year.


Take and Toss CupsThese cups are super cheap and awesome for the daily cups for milk and water. You can get them for less than a dollar a cup, which makes it easy to buy enough to get you through a couple of days. Just throw them in the dishwasher and you’re good to go.
Camelbak Water Bottle: We started using this water bottle at the suggestion of a friend. I bought so many different kinds over a period of six months and each one would end up leaking or breaking. This one holds up well, is dishwasher-safe and my son figured out quickly how to open and close it by himself.
InchBug Name LabelsI’ve received these as gifts a couple of times, and we love them. With my son in daycare, these were especially helpful for his bottles his first year, and now I use them on anything we take out of the house. It is a great personalized gift.
Carter’s Diaper BagWhen my son was little, I used a Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack diaper bag. I loved it then, but as he got older, I needed something that was easier to get in and out of, and could hold a lot more things, like snacks and toys, as well as my own personal items since it doubled as a purse. I love this bag! It looks like a fun tote bag, but it has a ton of pockets on the inside and outside, and isn’t over-sized or bulky like so many diaper bags out there. 
Disposable PlacematsThese are a lifesaver when we are out and about and want to grab a quick bite. I keep a pack in my diaper bags so we can always have one on hand for restaurants.
MegaBloksMy son loves building, and he will sit – actually SIT – for minutes at a time with these building blocks. We have two sets which fills up a small basket in our living room. He loves pulling them out to play.
stacking toy
Fisher Price Stacking ToyI got this for my son when he turned one, and for the first few months he became obsessed with stacking the rings in order. Now, he actually says the color of the rings as he stacks them! It’s a cheap toy that provides lots of entertainment and learning skills.
Little Tykes TruckTo keep my son in tune with his Texas genes, my sister got him this truck for his first birthday. He still loves everything about it – sitting in it, honking the horn, pulling the tailgate up and down, opening and shutting the gas tank and of course, going on rides.

Do you have any favorite toddler items to add to this list?

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