New Year’s Resolutions for Kids


2022 is here, and with it come New Year’s resolutions. Whether your resolution is for health, fitness, or your professional life, resolutions aren’t just for adults. I’ve compiled a few ways to help determine New Year’s resolutions for kids making it an achievable goal for this new year.

Role Model 

Set an example, as parents it’s important to practice what you preach. Kids are extremely observant and look up to parents so make sure you do as you say. 

Keep a Positive Approach to Resolutions 

Encourage your child by going over the previous years achievements and work off of those. If your child has a passion for or interest in a sport or class, encourage them to work towards it as a resolution. If they are already doing what they like, encourage them to push harder or try a level ahead.

Suggest—Don’t Dictate—Resolutions 

A big question parents have at this point: Should you make resolutions for your child? Most experts say no. You can certainly guide and suggest general categories, help your child clarify goals, and make sure they’re age-appropriate, but kids should come up with resolutions themselves. This will help them feel independent and able to make choices. 

Resolutions List 

Keep your child’s resolutions reasonable; two or three is plenty, depending on their age. You can have them make a vision board or simply write these down for encouragement. Let your child make a list or drawing, whatever will help your child remember their goals for 2022. 

Remember this is meant to help your child achieve realistic goals and encourage them. Share your New Year’s Resolutions for your kids below or @scottsdalemoms.