Simplifying Christmas with The Gift of Four


Simplifying christmas

If you’re looking for a way to simplify Christmas gifts, the “Gift of Four” method of giving may be for you and your family! Each child receives 1 want, 1 need, 1 wear, 1 read…something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

The Gift of Four can curtail children from expecting every toy or gift that they want to be under the tree on Christmas morning, and it can be a valuable learning experience about important values. Additionally, it takes the pressure off us as parents… a lot!

It’s also a great way to stick to a budget because once you fulfill a category, you can’t buy anything else in it. In our family, we give each other the Gift of Four- and then Santa Claus may bring another “want” gift. We encourage our immediate family to participate in the Gift of Four as well-but if the grandparents want to spoil their grandchildren with a few extra gifts we understand. 🙂

To add a fun twist to it- you can attach a theme to all four gifts, and I’ve included some inspiration below!

Gift of Four: Animal Theme for a Toddler

gift of 4

  1. Want: Hape Push & Pull – Elephant Toy with Giraffe and Zebra
  2. Need: Land of Nod Kids Tee Pee for the playroom 
  3. Wear: Teo Threads Be Wild Tee
  4. Read: The Jungle Book: A BabyLit® Animals Primer

Do you have any tips for simplifying the holiday season? Would you try the Gift of Four?

Happy Holidays!