Road Trip Essentials When Traveling With A Baby And Toddler


Road trips can be a wonderful way to create memories, but let’s be real: although trips can be fun, they can be challenging, especially if you’re traveling with a baby and toddler. Here are a few tips to help prepare your family and save a few meltdowns. Let’s begin with road trip essentials. 

Be prepared for breaks (rest stops)

Depending on your destination stops are inevitable: gas fill-ups, bathroom breaks and diaper changes. Kids will want to get out and stretch. I am talking 20–30-minute breaks, this is a great chance to feed the kids and reset for the remaining trip ahead.


In my experience it’s better to overpack clothing for both kids and yourself. There’s nothing worst then having spit up on your trip, and smelling like it too. Have comfortable clothing on your kids, something they can easily pull up and stretch in. Depending on where you’re heading have blankets or swaddles to cover the car seats from the sun. There’s nothing worse then a fussy baby who’s irritated by the sun all over his face.


Like clothing, I recommend to overpack snacks especially the ones your kids like best. Have fruits washed and sliced in an easy-to-reach Tupperware, this will make it easy for toddlers to eat and reach. Keep snacks in an accessible area and spill proof water cups with your kids’ cup holders.


This can make or break a trip. Make sure to have your toddler pick their favorite toys the day before and pack them. Pack books, flash cards or toys that will entertain them for a while. A great game I like to incorporate during trips with my toddler is “I spy” and saying out loud the color of the cars passing by. Gas stations often have some toys that will be sure to excite your little one. When it comes to babies, I suggest bringing teething toys and stuffed animals.

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