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I am officially full term! I feel like I can finally put all of that quality time I spent puking into various toilets behind me. Baby boy is still snug in the oven, according to the doc, but he has ceased disrupting my daily goals of eating like a horse. Not the hay and oats part, the BUCKETS OF FOOD part. A “batch” of cookies has lost all meaning and become one “serving” of cookies. I want a nice chubby newborn, okay? You know, the kind that can hold his head up from day one because of all those yummy neck rolls. Mmm.

This little guy has been such a trooper throughout the summer. He never complains when it’s hot in the car. He is completely content to watch movies with me when I feel like half of a person. He builds with his blocks, spends an hour in the bath (supervised, obviously), makes up games with the stuffed animals in his room. I really couldn’t ask for a better side kick.

Swimming has been my solid saving grace. Between our community pool and my mom’s pool, we’re in the water at least twice a week. Fun for a toddler and heaven for the extra 26 pounds pulling on my spine.

The baby clothes are washed, the swaddling blankets are folded. I only have a few more things to check off my list before I will feel like we are logistically ready for Oscar’s debut, like stocking up on nursing bras from Destination Maternity (buy three, get the fourth free!) and shaving my legs. Because as moms, we have to schedule such things as shaving our legs. Amen?

God willing, the next time you hear from me will be with a dazzling birth story about how my labor was so unrecognizable that I barely made it to the hospital in time and the baby fell into the doctor’s arms without even pushing and we all joined hands and sang a jazzy version of What A Wonderful World. Wait, that was a dream?


Editor’s Note: We are so thankful to Lindsey for sharing her pregnancy with us! Her sweet baby boy is due around Labor Day (get it?!? LABOR Day!) and we’ll be sure to update you on her birth story and baby news. And not to worry – with FIVE pregnant contributors on our team (Beth, Cate, Joy, Kirsten and Sarah), we have no shortage of pregnancy blog posts coming up! In fact, we’re dedicating the last week of August to SMB Pregnancy Week – stay tuned!


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