The Belly Diaries – 33 weeks – Welcome to Reality


My husband, Brandon, made an excellent observation several days ago.

He said, “By now, I’m used to the fact that you’re pregnant, but the concept of having a child within the next couple months is still a little unbelievable.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Isn’t it amazing that as much as we rehearse, prepare, and visualize these major life events, we still find ourselves in a brief, dreamlike surreality? I remember sitting on the beach with my husband a couple days after our wedding and saying, “We’re married? We’re REALLY married?” I’m not sure at what point it will happen, but I know that after this little one is born we’ll find ourselves saying, “You mean this is REALLY our baby?…and now you’re just going to let us stroll out of here with him?”

As my belly grows (and grows!), and as I organize tiny onesies, I’m again and again confronted by the fact that I still feel like it’s all a dream.

I guess it’s a product of knowing that I am exceedingly blessed and yet feel woefully unprepared at the same time.

Is this a common experience that most of us go through? I assume so. I hope so.

I can hardly fathom how I’ll feel before his first day of Kindergarten…when he gets a driver’s license…or when he gets married. Welcome to the wonderful experience of becoming Mom!


I’m now just shy of 33 weeks along, and I honestly feel GREAT! No complaints at all. I have started feeling my energy levels wind down significantly, but that’s to be expected.

Baby Shaw is healthy, very active, and…BIG! I’ve been measuring over 2 weeks ahead of my due date, and had another ultrasound last week for the docs to get a better idea of his growth. The ultrasound revealed that the baby is in the 97th percentile for growth, and he has the chubbiest little face! My OB is planning on monitoring his growth over the next 6 weeks so that she/we can make the best decision on when and how to deliver. It looks like we’ll probably be expecting a birthday closer to Thanksgiving! Here’s a shot of the exterior:

And a peek of the interior at 31 weeks: (…I told you his cheeks were chubby!)


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