Steph vs. Joy | Pregnancy Announcement

Finding out you are expecting sends a flurry of emotions through your body. You might feel nervous, excited, surprised, scared, delighted and many more emotions. After the bottom of your stomach drops out when the pregnancy test turns positive, like most mama’s, you are excited about spreading the news that you are expecting a baby.
As I’m sure you all know…there is not one right way to announce a pregnancy. Some tell people just as soon as they find out…. others wait until they determine is a “safe” time to tell people…and others wait until people notice (no joke – I know someone who did this)!
Case in point… 🙂
{Joy} I know that I’m crazy, but soon after having our daughter, I was ready to have the next one.  I like the idea of having kids close in age and I’m really looking forward to craft time… seriously.  It took a little bit longer than I thought it would, but I’m so happy to announce that my husband and I are expecting a second round of baby bliss May 8.

Now, I have been super vocal about my desires to get our family growing.  We announced to close friends and family AS SOON as we knew. But, not everyone is the same way…

{Steph} Unlike Joy, I was NOT ready to have our next one immediately after giving birth to our precious (& spirited) daughter, Nora.  Those with spirited children can attest to this statement. So we were not in any hurry & have so enjoyed the time as just the three of us.

However, like Joy, I have always liked the idea of having children close in age.  My bro and I are 18 months apart and I grew up thinking… this is how a family is, right?!  In light of those desires we too are pleased to announce that we are expecting #2 on May 24th!

But… we’ve been a little sneaky.  Hehe.  For various reasons we chose to wait to disclose our good news to our friends and family until we were 12 weeks along.  Let me tell you ladies – they were shocked!

So it looks like Baby C #2 and Baby F #2 will be a couple weeks apart… yipee!  It reminds me of the days when Reagan and Nora were just a few months old.  Awww…. such good memories.

{Joy again} I don’t know if “shocked” really conveys the proper emotion that Steph’s friends felt upon hearing their exciting news.  I think I was confused”huh, did I hear that right? ” and then excited when I realized that both of our beans would be close in age!  Having a child is so personal and also such a public experience – so sharing the joys and challenges with a friend, for me, enhances this season all the more.  Plus, we learn so much from one another – from swaddling to scheduling to teething woes, this little science experiment continues!



  1. Aww… Congrats! I knew about Joy’s new baby but that is so cool that Stephanie is having one at the same time as you Joy! All of your babies will be best friends. How fun! 🙂

  2. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!! And how exciting that they will be such close friends being so close in age 🙂 Can’t wait to meet these girls and see your growing bellies 🙂

    I can tell you from experience that being prego with a bestie, like Erin M, was one of the most fun experiences of my pregnancy! My daughter, Kylie, is only 7 days apart from one of her besties, Erin M’s sweet daughter, Shay 🙂

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