Steph vs Joy | It’s a ____________


It seems like one of the very first questions people ask upon finding out you’re pregnant is “Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?”   Now for some women waiting for the big surprise around 40 weeks is their cup of tea.  But for others – like us – we get a little too excited to wait to find out if our little beans are boys or girls.

So what is it going to be for the two of us….trucks or dolls???

{Steph} From the moment I found out we were expecting Baby #2 I just had this feeling that we were having a girl.  I believe I may have even gone as far as to say to Alan at one time that I was “95% confident that we were having a girl.”  I don’t know what it was….the similar pregnancies or the secret obsession with dressing girls in matching dresses (wink, wink) but I just felt all along that this baby was a girl.

Well – my suspicions were confirmed yesterday with our 20 week ultrasound that said GIRL! Yah!

My first thoughts?  YIPEE – Nora will have a sister – they’ll be such great friends.  YIPEE – we get to use all of Nora’s stuff again.  And finally OH NO – 2 girls?  What are we getting ourselves into?!  🙂

{Joy} Like Steph (yes, I JUST said that!), I had my suspiscions about Baby #2’s gender early on.  And from the moment that I found out that I was pregnant I thought that we were having a boy.  I know that can be wrong at times, but I was having a REALLY hard time picturing Reagan having a little sister – which is just silly.  Plus, my nauseous was WAY WORSE in the first trimester.  AND, I’ve really been wanting to buy some dump trucks and legos… 😉

Welp, mommies intuition struck again and we learned that we’ll welcome a little BOY this MAY!  Yay!

Now we are in a little pickle about picking a name for this wee little lad.  At least we have plenty of time!


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