{Pregnancy Week} Guess Who’s Pregnant?!


Yes! You read that right! I {Steph} am thrilled to let you in on the newest SMB “secret” …

our family is expecting Baby #3 in March!  

You all know how much I love me a good party. And at this point it seems as if the SMB “party” of choice right now is the pregnancy PAR-TAY. So I figured – why not join in on all of the fun?! 😉

My pregnancy makes the SMB Pregnant Contributors Total to a grand total of SIX!

Now that’s a lot of growing bellies if I do say so myself!

In the spirit of Pregnancy Week I thought I’d tell you a little about my pregnancy (thus far)…


How many weeks are you? 12

Boy or girl?  We will find out shortly thanks to a new (simple) blood test offered at my OB’s office called the Sequenom SensiGene Fetal RHD Genotyping test. This noninvasive blood test will tell us the blood type of baby #3 (I’m O- so this will be helpful) AND the gender. Woot! Woot!

What food are you craving right this moment? Fresh Caprese Salad & Doritos (oh the irony of my cravings is just too funny these days!)

All your clothes are clean. What’s the first outfit you wear for daily maternity cute/comfort? Thankfully the bump hasn’t shown it’s face…yet! However, I have been known to sport my workout/lounge clothes at least 4 days a week. 🙁 Hey… don’t judge!

If you had to choose between a massage and a long, uninterrupted nap, which would you choose? A nap! Hands down! I’ve been beyond exhausted this pregnancy so having an uninterrupted nap sounds divine!

What have you enjoyed most about this pregnancy? I’ll be honest – we’re feeling about 50/50 on the shocked/excited emotional grid these days. We’re thrilled to be blessed with another sweet little one BUT we’re also scared. to. death.

What are you most looking forward to post-delivery? Newborn baby snuggles.


  1. YAYAYAY!!!! We are so happy for you, Steph!!!!!!!! Maybe you’ll join the 3girl club????

    FYI—I hope they have improved that test a bit. My sister did the (or similar blood test). it said boy. A 3D ultrasound later, we discovered that baby was a girl and certainly needed to be renamed. 😉

    • Thanks Cate! Interesting about the test! Hm…. I guess the site says it’s 98% accurate for girls and 95% accurate for boys. We’ll see…

  2. soooooo exciting!!!! you’ll be an amazing momma of 3 Steph! i also know someone that did a blood test for the gender reveal and it said boy…they had a girl. lol…that was about 5 years ago though, so it might be more reliable now 🙂

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