{Pregnancy Week} 5 Resolutions for My Last Pregnancy


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This is my last pregnancy. I mean, technically we haven’t scheduled any irreversible procedures (yet), and of course it’s possible we could change our minds or get a big gotcha! surprise from the universe, but as far as we’re concerned, three kids sounds just right. Come January, our family will be complete: a girl, a boy, and this little one who is currently the size of a bell pepper and STILL making me nauseous at almost 19 weeks.

After this, womb closed. Out of business. Finis.

Knowing this, I find myself approaching this pregnancy differently than I did the other two. I’m not sad, necessarily, but I’m very aware that there won’t be a ‘next time’ to do and experience all the things pregnancy has to offer (needless to say, there are some upsides to this – I don’t ever want to go through morning sickness again). So to make sure I have no regrets (“gee, I wish I’d had a mold of my belly cast in 14-karat gold” – KIDDING), I’ve made a few pregnancy resolutions.

1. Write it down. I spend my non-parenting time as a blogger, blog editor and freelance writer, and yet I’m terrible about journaling the day-to-day details of life. I didn’t keep a pregnancy log or journal with my first two babies, mostly because I operate with the increasingly delusional belief that I’ll actually remember things like when my nausea started and ended, how much weight I gained in each trimester, and when I felt those first and impossibly faint flutters of fetal movement. The truth is, I’ll remember some things and forget many, many others, but if I write it down I can preserve it all – the good, the bad, the transcendent and the mundane. This time around I’ve been using Evernote (with apps for both my iPhone and laptop) to quickly save thoughts, stats, dates and images. My hope is that by documenting this last go-around, I’ll also remember – and write down – some of my memories from the first two.

2. Do all (okay some) of those cute things other pregnant people do. Pinterest wasn’t around to make me feel unoriginal and lazy during my first two pregnancies, but now there is no excuse for waddling through nine whole months without a little pomp and circumstance. Everything from gender reveal parties to personalized nursery décor to clever ways to announce your pregnancy on Facebook – the ideas are there for the taking. I’m not a super cutesy type by nature – I’m pretty practical, economical and sans-frills – but I realize that a lot of these ideas aren’t just about me, they’re a way to include my friends and family (and as Cate wrote this morning, older siblings) in the anticipation and celebration of a new little person. So this time we made sure to announce our pregnancy to family members in a more clever way, and while we didn’t do an all-out gender reveal party, the kids and I made and decorated PINK (yep, it’s a girl!) cookies yesterday to surprise our playgroup friends.

3. Say cheese. Not cheeseburger, or cheesecake, or cheese fondue – I don’t need a resolution to incorporate those into my pregnancy. I’m talking about pictures, and being in them. I don’t know about you, but while I enjoy aspects of being pregnant and don’t mind the belly or the changing shape of my body, I don’t really love seeing it in pictures. But if this is the last time I’m going to be pregnant, I want evidence to look back on. Someday I want my kids to be able to look at photos of me at three, six and nine months along – and what’s more, I want to look happy in those pictures. In addition to being in everyday snapshots and filling my Instagram stream with awkward belly shot self-portraits, I am planning to have maternity photos taken {with Anna Hollister Photography, who is hosting this week’s GIVEAWAY!} for the first (and last) time. Again, I may not enjoy it at the time, but I know I’ll be glad I did it…someday.

attempting the “belt above bump” look in an effort to fight maternity FRUMP

4. Forego the frump. Oh, the maternity clothes. They’re fun in the beginning when you have just a hint of a bump and get to change out your too-tight wardrobe for sweet empire waistlines and and blissfully forgiving maternity jeans. But after a while I just seem to loathe everything in my closet. If it doesn’t sag in the butt or pinch in the belly, it has permanent food stains or is just plain ugly. Not feeling good about my wardrobe leads to a general malaise about my appearance – it’s easy to skip make-up, accessories and all the rest (and I don’t mean once in a while, I mean more often than not). So with this pregnancy I have been intentional about looking good so that I feel good about myself. No, I’m not the most fashionable mom in Scottsdale (that would be our own Tracy Carson), but I find that some mascara, a cute necklace and a fresh coat of polish on my toes does wonders for my mood.

5. Enjoy every moment. Ha! Just kidding. Show me a woman who enjoys every minute of pregnancy and I’ll ask you for her doctor’s number – because I clearly need some of whatever she’s taking. I know it’s unrealistic not to moan and groan a little at all the discomforts of pregnancy, but since this one is my last I’m making a conscious effort to balance the complaining with a little gratitude and appreciation for the bigger picture. The nausea has been as debilitating this time around as it was the first two, but surviving it is a notch on my belt I won’t get to claim again, and the reason behind it is pretty spectacular. I’m growing a whole person from a bundle of cells to a bundle of swaddled joy, and while I might not feel all zen and grateful at every moment for the whole 40 weeks, I don’t want to regret later that I wasted all of my pregnant energy on being cranky.

So you heard it here – I don’t want to have any regrets about how I spent my final months as a pregnant person. Have you thought about your last time around? Is there anything you plan to do differently next time – if there is a next time for you? 


  1. Oh this is a great list, Sarah! I love it that you are journaling! I was so good about it with #1, but it is tough to remember all the milestones:-)

    And, I’m glad that you are able to throw in a little party into the mix! It does make it fun to share with the little ones 🙂

    I hope your nausea goes away this week!!!! That’s just not okay that it’s stuck around for so long!!

  2. I’ve totally thought about this too as we begin to THINK about baby # 3. I definitely think my approach on the whole thing will be different, knowing it’s probably (Lord willing) my last one. Different things to cherish since you know it won’t be happening again! It’s definitely a bittersweet emotion for me!! Great post!! I hope your nausea goes away too! Total bummer!! xo

    • Thanks, Jess! It has made me more intentional with this pregnancy for sure. I think my real bittersweet feelings will come with the passing of baby phases. 🙂

  3. Though we aren’t sure how many we are having I have been making an effort in a few areas to enjoy it this time around as much as the last. I too have been sick this time, (I wasn’t last time…) and though its no fun being sick I don’t want to spend every day of this pregnancy hoping tomorrow is better. I don’t want to just wait to enjoy pregnancy when I feel better. We have to take the good with the not so good, right? And I want to take more pictures too! I have a 16 week picture and then 27 weeks and then 36 weeks. A bit of a jump!

    So here’s to enjoying every minute pregnancy brings!

    • I totally know how you feel, Jenn! Not wanting to wish it away, but that’s hard when you’re so sick! Now that I’m almost halfway I really don’t want it to go by too fast… Thanks for reading!

  4. That is totally why we’ve been intentional with this pregnancy. Dont know if we’ll have another. Wish I was better abt journalling.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say I’m great about the journaling. I’m writing down some of the “facts and stats” so that I don’t forget them, but I wish I were better about writing my thoughts/feelings too. 🙂 That’s why it’s a “resolution”, right? 🙂

  5. Very cute Sarah! I love that you are stepping up your game in the cutesy department both with cookies and dress. They make a memory in an of themselves…not just having done the cookie gender reveal at playgroup but actually making the cookies and decorating them. So much fun! P.S. Thanks for the shout out, it is my pleasure to encourage you in your fashionable ways! 🙂

    • Aw, you’re welcome, Tracy! It’s almost like pregnancy (and the different wardrobe) gives you more permission to experiment with fashion! When none of your clothes fit anyway, why not try out a new look, right?? xo

  6. Congrats, Sarah! I hope you enjoy your last pregnancy and have lots of fun documenting it. So far, I love this whole pregnancy thing. 🙂 I’m taking weekly pictures that I’m going to publish into a Blurb book with journal entries, having fun with my new maternity wardrobe (who knew maternity clothes are so cute?), and just overall relishing the experience and anticipating the arrival of our little one. 🙂

    • Hi Jess! So glad you’re reading! It doesn’t surprise me – you have always been great about taking photos and making memories tangible. I’m so happy for you and Eric – glad you’re enjoying the process so far! 🙂

  7. Sarah,
    I think you’ll be so happy you made these choices and followed through. I knew from the first drop of pee on the stick that Jack would be our last. So certain in fact, that we made it permanent before he was even born. I tried to do the same, and this zofran popping till month 8 mama knows that isn’t always easy.

    What I’ve also found is that I’ve adopted this same resolve, to cherish the days and sleepless nights, and the sneaks into our bed, and the quirky (read: annoying) stages, and ALL of the fun that a little, infant-baby-toddler-child brings. Time flies so quickly, and while I’m embracing whole heartedly this new incredible baby-less stage- I’m holding on to the days and savoring them slowly. It’s better that way.

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