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Today we’re back with another Mommy SOS topic (yipee!!! – these are quickly becoming my favorite posts).  If you missed our first two posts be sure to check them out…Post 1. Strollers.  Post 2. Potty Training. Thanks so much to all of you local momma’s out there who have shared your wisdom and experience.

Now for today’s topic…da,da,da…OB/GYN’s.  Yep… we’re talking about it….

Here’s a little about my  experience and then we’ll get to YOU….

{Steph} A year or so before we were wanting to get pregnant I sent an email to one of my older (and much wiser) mommy friends, Julie B (remember her MomSense – she’s really amazing), to see if she might be able to give me an OB/GYN referral.  Not only did she give me her suggestions but she sent an email out to another 10+ local moms to gather all of their thoughts.  So, based on their suggestions I decided to make my annual appointment with Dr. Lance Holeman of Cornerstone Women’s Care (I know what ya’ll are thinking – a male OB/GYN!! – yes – that’s right – I was looking for a good doctor – male or female).

Turns out I had a great experience and decided to continue seeing him throughout my pregnancy.  I would totally suggest any of the doctors at Cornerstone Women’s Care to any of you momma’s looking for an OB/GYN.  They are located at 40th and Greenway.  BUT – I recently heard that Dr. Holeman is not delivering anymore – boo!  My guess is he’s starting to make retirement plans – and who can blame him 🙂

{Joy} Now that I’ve gone through the process of pregnancy, labor and delivery, I realize that I am a little bit more high-maintenance than I originally thought.  I like to ask a lot of questions and I like for the nurse or doctor to walk me through the process and put my worry-filled mind at rest.  (I said it was high-maintenance.)  So, I think I’d like to go the route of using a midwife the next go-around.  I had a doula who helped me (and I mean was the reason) deliver naturally.  She was wonderful.  I’m not comfortable delivering at home, so, I’m looking for a midwife with hospital privledges…

…Your turn…

Now I know some of you are a bit comment squeamish…But – here’s your opportunity to shine! I want to know what OB/GYN or midwife you’d recommend and why.  Oh – and share the location of their office too!  Spill it….


  1. I actually also go to Cornerstone Women’s Care right now. I recently switched after I had my baby because of insurance change when I moved onto my husband’s insurance. My family has known Dr. Holemon for years (one of the reasons I actually see a different doctor there, and yes, Dr. Holemon is no longer delivering babies). So far I have only seen the NP Tina but I loved her. I have heard great things about Dr. Pelopita(sp?) from many other moms. I really like their office, however, I went to a fabulous doctor while I was pregnant and she is the one who delivered my daughter, if they start to carry my insurance I would definitely switch back because I love her and have heard wonderful things about the other doctor’s in their practice. I went to Dr. Ann Langer at Arizona Women’s Care, it’s right by Scottsdale Healthcare Shea and she is awesome! I would highly recommend her!

  2. I go to Dr. Kelly Zadrevek (sp?) and I really like her. She seems to really take her time with patients and seems up on the latest medical info. She delivers babies too although I was already done having babies when I went to her. She is at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak, up by Greyhawk. It’s a bit of a drive for me but worth it to see a doc I really like!

  3. I also have a male ob/gyn and I agree – he is the best dr. He’s delivered all three of my girls as well as handling my 2 miscarriages. He’s Dr Smith with Az Wellness Center. I got connected to that practice before I ever even started having kids and was getting married. A good friend of mine’s mom is a lactation nurse at PV Hospital and she recommended this practice. She was right, they are absolutely wonderful. I’ve seen all their staff at one time or another and really like them all. They are located right behind PV Hospital at 40th st and Bell.

  4. For my first pregnancy I started at Goodman and Partridge, it was fine mostly but when we moved to the west valley I had to make a switch. I choose Dr. Oehler at Desert West OBGYN and she was absolutely fabulous! They have several offices she is at the one on Union Hills and 59th Ave and was a great doctor. With my second pregnancy which sadly ended in a miscarriage we lived further west in Avondale since we decided we needed a bigger place after our son was born. I stayed with Desert West OBGYN just moved to the Estrella office at 99th Ave and Thomas and saw Dr. Goad. Also amazing and wonderful. You can also see her at the Union Hills office. I have referred several people to Desert West and all have been exceptionally happy.

  5. I love Dr. Zadrevek! She is fantastic… but I am starting to look into the whole midwifery thing for well woman and prenatal care… wishing I could find a midwife who delivers in a hospital

    • Ramona Joseph at Boojum OBGYN is a midwife who delivers in hospitals. When I used the Boojum midwife I went to Mercy Gilbert. My other choice was Chandler. It was a long drive for me, but worth it because I wanted to be at a hospital with a midwife. Dr. Kells is the ob at that practice.

  6. If any of you are looking for good midwife to go the home birth route you have to use Mary Henderson over at Beyond Conception Midwifery ( She delivered my first child and she was amazing!!! She not only delivered my daughter lol but five of my siblings a long time ago. She has been delivering for as long as I can remember seeing as she started before I was born 😉

    She is off the 51 freeway at 301 East Bethany Home Road.

  7. I went to Cornerstone Women’s Care with my 1st, but (and I am in the minority here- I know!) I didn’t LOVE them. I had Dr. Holeman, and chose him because I knew him and had heard wonderful things about him as a Dr. But I would never go back to that practice. It is too big, the wait time is very long, I usually saw someone different every visit- which led to a LOT of miscommunication and I never felt like I was being ‘heard’. My delivery was the same, and I was surprised that a doctor never came to check on me my entire labor until the delivery at which the nurse and I sat and waited (while she held my legs together to keep from delivering my little one herself) for an hour for Dr. Holeman to arrive. It was not what I expected. There were some other things too, but it really led me to persue finding a midwife that I loved for my 2nd pregnancy.

    I now am on the east side of town and go to Valley Women for Women, and see their midwife Janice Bovee. I love her! Very attentive, and I feel like she takes the time to really hear and understand every one of my concerns. It is as if I am her only patient and not just another number. She delivers at the hospital (which, I was wanting to do a homebirth this time around- but she doesn’t do them) and I am very excited to be under her care this time around.

  8. I go to Arizona Women’s Care off of 96th Street and Shea near the hospital… my particular OB/GYN is Dr. Langer, but all the Doctors in there are fantastic! Warm, friendly, caring and EXCEPTIONAL at what they do! One of the other Dr.s in there ended up delivering my twins because of when i went into labor, but she was so warm and enthusiastic that it didn’t matter to me one bit. I had an awful anesthesiologist that put me in tears right before delivery and she was able to turn the mood completely around. It is a larger office though, so not a good choice if you want a Dr. with a smaller practice. Great post ladies! OB/GYNs are one of those Dr.s that you really want a good reference for before scheduling!

  9. I am 30 weeks pregnant with my first (so no delivery knowledge yet!) but I see Dr. Shannon Moorehead at Focus on Women (40th st and bell rd) and absolutely adore her. She is very sweet and never worries about how many questions I have. She honestly loves her job and it is very clear in the way she talks to and works with patients. I have recommended her to friends who aren’t having babies and they love her as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone, mama or not!

  10. I live in the West Valley and also went to Desert West Ob/Gyn when I was pregnant. The location was 56th Ave & Eugie – it’s right behind Banner Thunderbird Hospital (which is roughly at 59th Ave & T-Bird and is the only hospital that they deliver at). Dr. Lee Koon was my OB and he was great. He’s a younger doctor but very good and I never felt uncomfortable or uneasy with him, but he didn’t actually deliver my daughter because the doctors at the practice take rotating shifts at the hospital. I don’t see him now only because my internist provides well woman care, but if I were having another baby I would definitely go back.

  11. I absolutely LOVE my OB!I have been seeing her every year since I was 18 for my yearly exams. Her name is Kathleen Schwartz and she has two locations – Tatum and Cholla (Across the street from the Whole Foods etc.) and Camelback and 32nd street( Biltmore Area) . The practice is called Camelback Women’s Health and she delivers at Scottsdale Shea/Good Sam etc. She delivered my daughter via C-section and was incredible. She had known I wanted to deliver naturally and worked sooo hard with and for me to make it happen. In the end (I had an emergency c) she was soo supportive and sensitive and did the best she could to make me comfortable. She visited me 3 times while I was recovering in the hospital. If you ask the nurses at Scottsdale Shea which OB doctor they like working with the best they all say her name. I never felt rushed when visiting her office and she always answered all my questions until my mind was put at ease. She delivers 99% of all of her patients babies! She will even go in to deliver if she is on vacation but in town. I can’t say enough positive things about her! If you want her number let me know! I will for sure be going back to her.

  12. hey, what’s with the ‘older’ comment??? i read your entire entry and all i could remember was that you called me OLD!!!!! i think this is the 2nd time in 1 week that you referred to me as older. i get the point, steph!!!!
    :)you know i love you!!! and you did call me wise. i remember that too!!

  13. I absolutely LOVE my OB!! I see Dr. Deka at PV OB GYN (92nd st and Shea). She is extremely thorough, supportive and answers all my question and concerns. I have had some complications this time around and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful dr. to help me through it. Honestly, if you are looking for a great OB, I cannot reccomend Dr. Deka enough!

  14. Thank you for this great post! I was so sad to leave my midwife in Chicago, that delivered both my babies (one in the hospital and one at home), she bacame such a close friend. But when I was first pregnant with Capri I still lived in Phx and my first appointment was with a midwife here, but I forgot her name, and lost her info- your other commenter Felicia totally just named her! So BIG thank you!

    I loved having a midwife with the extra personal care, the respect that I knew what was best, informing me thoroughly of all my options (and leaving the choices up to me), and being with me through my entire labor and delivery. My midwife cared about my life, what was going on with me, because she realized it all affected my pregnancy (my fears, stresses, concerns, responsibilities etc..)

    If you are looking for a midwife in a hospital- I would suggest finding a hospital you love, and then calling the hospital and asking what CNM’s are approved at that hospital. If they are at a hospital, CNM’s are always over-seen by an OB- and they are in the same practice- so you can find them that way, and then do interviews- ask lots of questions! (I know too many Mama’s that didn’t interview, found things out later that they didn’t like, and really didn’t want to change doctors mid way through, then ended up not being happy).

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