Building My Birthing Team


I remember sitting in my OB’s office and anxiously waiting for my 16 week gender reveal appointment. It’s was a BOY! We cheered, cried – and then life got real!!! A boy, a real boy. My life was forever changed. Now that we knew who was making me nauseous and soaking up my energy, I wanted to make sure I would bring him into this world in a very special way.

A week before my check up I began to wonder what it would be like to have a home birth. Was it too risky? Would I want or need to be medicated? Or would I opt for a hospital setting and bring the alternatives to me? Bingo! I began to seek out a doula. She would assist me as I labor and coach me through delivery, then care for me as I recover from delivery and adjust to motherhood. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Well I thought so! But, apparently not my OB.

The day I found out the gender of my baby, my OB made it clear to me that HER delivery wouldn’t be disrupted and my doula “should not be in the way.” Yup, her words. Mine? BYE FELICIA!

That was it. I was determined to find an OB that supported me and would help ME deliver the way I wish to. Shortly after I dropped my doctor, a blessing occurred and we got relocated to Phoenix. Luckily, I had a few friends in Phoenix that were also pregnant that were happy to refer their doctors AND doulas! I chose my OB and loved her immediately. Then the big question…would I be able to bring in a doula and decide how, what, and when I should deliver? She was so supportive and even had a great working relationship with my doula of choice.

Finally, I had my team. The women who, along with my husband, would help me to have the labor and delivery I chose to have. Of course, every delivery is special and unique. Unforeseen circumstances can occur and we were prepared for that. In the end, I had an extremely long labor and needed intervention, but I was blessed with a healthy baby boy.

Whether you decide to have a home birth, a c-section, or birth in the woods, know that you have a choice. Do your homework and ask questions. Seek out the practitioners in your community that have solid relationships with birthing centers, doctors and hospitals. Most importantly, remember that you cannot control everything. Allow the professionals you hire to guide you, and listen to your body….or baby!

My personal birthing team:

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