Belly Diaries: Introducing Easton Lewis Shaw!


I’m so excited to finally get to introduce to you our son, Easton Lewis Shaw! He was born on December 3rd at 10:47 am and was 10 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long.

.Birth Story

In the weeks leading up to Easton’s birth I was measuring significantly ahead and ultrasound measurements were placing him in the 98+ percentile for growth. At my 38 week appointment my OB explained that the baby was getting very large, and that she didn’t want me to go to the full 40 weeks. She explained that at a week later, 39 weeks, she would induce labor or do a c-section, but the choice was up to me. So…I asked her, “What would YOU do if it was YOUR body?” She explained then that due to the size of the baby and the position and tightness of my cervix she would opt for a c-section. I really trusted my OB, and the decision was made…a scheduled c-section.

On December 3rd I walked into the operating room for the c-section at 10:30 am, and Easton was born 17 minutes later. After the surgeon got to my uterus it took 3 people to push on my stomach to get Easton out! As soon as he was born my OB said, “Oh my gosh! He’s huge! Brittany, I’m SO glad we did a c-section.” Easton was handsome and perfect…we were instantly in love with our little boy! His birth was the most surreal experience of my life…

Our 1st Family Picture.

Getting the Hang of It

The last several weeks have been challenging. There’s just so much to learn in such a small amount of time, but we’re getting the hang of it…and doing our best to cherish every second. He’s already changing so fast!

Here’s a couple of things I’m learning:

  1. Moms need 6 arms. – I feel like there’s always one more thing I need to carry!…and, yes, I have only ONE child. Kudos to all of you mommy’s with large broods! I simply don’t know how you do it…
  2. FYI: Infant car carriers are NOT ergonomic! I think I’m a relatively agile person, but sometimes I can hardly manage that thing. I’m using the whole stroller or my Moby Wrap every chance I get…
  3. LOVE and RESPONSIBILITY: I never knew I could love a little baby so much, and I’m overwhelmed by the responsibility I feel to raise him well. I’m grateful to have so many of you ladies ahead of me on the road of parenting. I have MUCH to learn…


Easton’s 1 Month Picture

(In his Monthly Photo Op onesies!)


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