The Belly Diaries is back! |Meet our newest local mommy-to-be!


The Belly Diaries LogoOne of our favorite and most popular series is here again! Join us for the next several months as we follow one Scottsdale mom through the highs and lows; excitement and preparation; and all the other million little things that make up a pregnancy journey.  So, without further delay, we’re so excited to introduce you to our favorite new blogger and expectant Scottsdale Mom!


Name: Renée Genetti

Age: 32. When did this happen?

Marriage: I met my wonderful husband, Mike, back in college in 2000, and come June, we will be married 10 years. Belly Diaries Family 3

Children: We have a son named Luke who loves to tell you exactly how old he is, “two half.” He’ll be about two months shy of three when the baby is born. From choo-choos to “howdies,” (aka everything cowboy) this Big Brother is looking forward to showing his future sibling his favorite things. 

Favorite places for playdates: Phoenix Zoo, Railroad Park, library, any local cultural event. Diapers, snacks, action figure? Check! I’m game for trying anything once. 

Newest Belly Diaries Family 2How far along are you: A little over 26 weeks. I seriously forget and have to calculate it on one of those pregnancy tracker Web sites. There must be an app for this! It’s funny how with your first pregnancy you know how far along you are down to the day, and this time, running after a toddler, I’m thankful for the alarm on my phone to remind me of upcoming OB appointments. 

Estimated Due Date: I’ll call it my “guess date.” May 2, 2014, which happens to be my mom’s birthday. I’m not one to give eviction notices, so keep gestating Little One! 

Pregnancy craving: Chocolate! And eggs!  But not together. I’ll take eggs any time of day, any style. Just thinking about them is getting me hungry for an omelet right now! With Luke, all I wanted was eggs, avocados and salsa. Together–by itself–it didn’t matter. I just wanted them. All. The. Time. Second pregnancy, I definitely have more of a sweet tooth craving. 

Do you know the sex: As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was convinced we were having a girl. I wanted chocolate instead of avocados. Morning sickness hit me ten times harder this time around. And, I just had that feeling, you know? We couldn’t wait to find out. I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and the tech said she could often tell at that point, but not this time.  By my 16 week appointment, I was so antsy I jumped at the offer of a gender check. 

Baby Diaries Ultrasound PhotoThe result? Another BOY. I was totally convinced I was having a girl because this pregnancy was so different from my pregnancy with Luke.  We are totally thrilled about having another boy, but I have asked for confirmation more than once, just to be sure  if we are team pink or blue. I’m a planner and want to start decorating! 

How’s pregnancy going so far: Great, but this little guy is a kicker. Future soccer player? I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa, low lying placenta, at my 20 week ultrasound. We are monitoring it with monthly ultrasounds but are hopeful it will resolve itself before it becomes an issue. 

Have you picked a name: Yes, but I’m not telling! Have to leave something as a surprise! 



  1. I could hear your sweet cheerful voice while I read through this post. What an awesome little family you have! Congratulations to you, and it was great to get to meet you at the Moms Night Out yesterday.

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