5 Reasons to See a Fertility Specialist, Even Without Obvious Fertility Issues


Two years ago we lost our precious second born in the womb. This left me with so many questions and a complete distrust of the current medical system. I went to fetal specialists and genetics counselors only to find that no one had any real answers. I knew I didn’t feel like I could trust myself with another pregnancy without finding out what really went wrong with my last one. So I sought a local fertility doctor, also known as a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). Since then, I’ve realized that you don’t need to have an infertility issue to benefit from seeing an RE. 

They Can Help After a Miscarriage

If you have experienced baby loss in the first or early second trimester and your OB has given you the green light to try again, but you still feel off, you may want to think again. An RE can help you figure out why you experienced a miscarriage in the first place and set you on a plan towards a healthy and successful pregnancy. Don’t wait to have experienced more than one loss. 

They Can Help After a Stillbirth

After my stillborn baby, all the doctors reassured me that I could try again in as little as three-six months. They reassured me by stating that you are not more likely to have a miscarriage after such a loss and that the chances of another stillbirth would also be very low. Nothing to worry about apparently. I still didn’t feel right, however, and my RE found that I did have reason to worry. He found I had a defective MTFHR gene, a hidden immunity issue and a blood clotting problem that greatly contributed to my adverse pregnancy outcome. He also currently has me on a regiment to get to a healthier state and eventually reach my pregnancy goals. 

They Can Help You Reach Your Pregnancy Goals

My first pregnancy was a dream of health, zero morning sickness and absolute bliss. My first born was absolutely perfect and he is now a healthy and happy 4yr old. I got pregnant right away and my second pregnancy happened without the slightest delay or effort two years later. I never considered myself a person with infertility issues. But now that I know what an RE can do for me, I so wish I had gone to him even before trying to conceive my first child. He could have helped me find my maternal health vulnerabilities and risks before ever trying to conceive. He could have helped me reach my pregnancy goals with knowledge on my side.

fertilityThey Can Look Into Hubby

I use to have this idea that fertility doctors were all about women and our fertility issues. However, an RE will often also thoroughly examine hubby to rule out any issues that may stem from him. If you have any reason to believe that hubby may benefit from a visit to the RE, don’t be shy. It is something they do for couples all the time. 

They Have Tools & Tricks

If you feel like you have tried it all and there’s no hope for you, don’t despair just yet. I was like you and just about to throw in the towel when all the ‘experts’ seemed to think I was perfectly healthy, yet I knew in my gut that I wasn’t. My RE knew exactly what to look for and just when I felt like I was a lost cause, he turned it all around with his bag of tricks. From using my 23me results to running a battery of tests, he was able to treat me as a whole body of functioning parts and didn’t make me feel like there was something wrong with me. I would call him a ‘functional medical practitioner’ and I am so happy that I landed in his care. I would highly recommend anyone serious about reaching pregnancy goals to seek the advice of an RE especially my own at IVF Phoenix, Dr. Couvaras. Read more about my TTC journey here

This is based on my experiences and of course is not meant to replace or serve as medical advice, but only my opinions. As always, discuss your personal situation with your doctors.