Looking for a way to answer all those toddler “Why’s” Here’s an easy tip!


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Having a curious preschooler is an adventure everyday! My daughter is four and she is picking up on everything around her.

She asks tons of questions that start with “WHY?”

As I’m sure you know, sometimes we moms, just don’t always have a great answer for all these “Why”‘s.

One of my favorite parenting tricks we embrace in our family is creating a family team and referring to our family team when all else fails. So for us, we are proudly, “Team Delekta!”

“Team Family” is my number-one-go-to when needing an answer to one of my daughter’s many “why” questions.  

Example: when our family sits down for dinner, we have a rule that we all stay seated until the entire family is done eating (bathroom breaks are allowed, of course). On occasion we will be out with other families and my daughter will see that other kids are out of their seats during the meal. My daughter will ask, “Mom, why do they get to go and play?” and I simply say, “We are Delekta’s and that is not what we do.” Sounds so simple but I promise, this stuff works!

Need another example? I am obsessed about my daughter not getting lice. (Really, it haunts me!) So I have a rule that when my daughter is in school, hair has to be up in a ponytail, bun, or braid. So often my daughter comes to me and asks why her other friends don’t wear their hair in a ponytail for school, I simply say, “Well honey, they are not part of Team Delekta”.

This is one of my favorite parenting tricks and it works like a charm.

Even more importantly, It also builds up value in our family as a team, as something special that we are all so lucky to be a part of- and that is really why I love this concept so much.

Do you have any favorite parenting tricks for toddlers and young kids?


  1. This works for older kids too! We decided to delay the start of Kindergarten for our two children who both have Summer birthdays. Now, my son is in 2nd grade and he asks why he is the oldest in his class. The answer is simple! The Puhalas don’t go to Kindergarten until they are six years old. End. of. Story.

  2. Love to hear this Kaarin. I’m glad this trick will last a few more years! And yes, it is just that End. of. Story. GREAT!

  3. My son is 4 and he is like any typical boy who thinks saying words about bowel movements or any other bodily function is so funny. So, I told him that when we are in public, he cant say it – well it didnt work so I told him now that he can say it as much as he wants as long as his lips are closed. it worked!! No more embarrassing language!

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