Mommy Quick Tips | Surviving Well Checks with Multiple Kids in Tow


Taking multiple kids to a well check.  I’m pretty sure that this is one of my most disliked mommy must-do’s.  Really, I try to avoid it like the plague.  Usually, I find other places for my kids to go or schedule them when my hubby is home and I can take the child that is due by themselves.  You know, get in some quality one-on-one time at the Dr’s office.  So when I woke up Monday morning and realized that my 9-month-old had his well check and I would have not 1 but 2 kids in tow, I had a serious moment of panic.  

How exactly am I going to survive my 9 month’s well check with my 2 and 4 year in tow and still have sanity?!?  Will I even be able to get in a word with the Dr??  How many things can they break before I get asked to leave??  I could already visualize the FB posts recounting the disasters that were about to ensue…

But thankfully, somehow – I’m still in awe actually, nothing happened.  The girls had beautiful behavior, they were respectful, sat quietly in their chairs, and waited patiently.  Ok, I’m kidding about that last part but seriously, they behaved wonderfully.

How, you ask??  Really, I don’t know.  But here are some QT’s (quick tips) for how I survived the well check (or any dr’s office visit) with a 9 month, 2 year and 4 year old:

1. Bring snacks – I brought three, per kid.

2. Bring an activity – this time I brought the iPad (and my iPhone to eliminate fighting).  Other times its new coloring kits I keep stashed, or that toy they forgot about and haven’t played with in forever.

3. Bribe Reward – it has to be worth it.  Today they got pez (their favorite).  Other times it’s dum dum’s, whatever you know will work.

And always remember, it will only last an hour…maybe two.  You can survive anything for an hour or two, right??

What about you??  Do you have any QT’s that you can share with mom’s headed to the Dr’s Office??