Mommy Quick Tips | How to Pack a Family for Vacation


It’s inevitable.  We’re an hour outside the city headed for a great family vacation and the light bulb in my brain dings big and bright.  I turn to my husband and exclaim, “I know what we forgot!!”.  Most of the time it is something that can be replaced with a quick run into Target, but there was that one time when it was the blanket.  You know, the blanket that baby won’t sleep without…the one that calms the biggest of tantrums.

I find that packing for a family vacation falls into the same level of stress as moving.  After all, it is moving – but just on a smaller scale.  What to pack, what not to pack, how to fit it all in the car with 4 car seats, who sits next to who, bring the stroller or rent one, etc.  The list is endless and I’m getting heart palpitations just writing this post.  Because we’re leaving…on Sunday.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed a little something to help make this whole packing process a little smoother.

Now, about a week before vacation I just print one of these babies out.  I make some minor adjustments based on climate, destination, and such, but overall, it’s pretty consistent with my clan.  And, it’s my life saver.  Simply put, it’s a good-old-fashioned checklist spreadsheet {insert shudder for those who dislike spreadsheets} that anyone (yes you) could easily make your own.  But seriously, let me tell ya, it’s helped a TON when it comes to packing for my family.

How do you pack for vacations?  Do you find it stressful?  Do have a useful tool that comes in handy for your family? 


  1. I’m feeling the same way Abbi as we’re getting ready to leave on Friday! And we only have 2 kids to manage and pack for 🙂 We’ve got a generic spreadsheet with everything we need also and I would be lost without it!

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