Momma, find your Wonder Woman Mentality and Mantra


As mothers, we often find things overwhelming or hard in the moments where we lose our sense of self. In order to properly care for the people around us, we truly need to stay true to who we are. I have found that creating a mantra or a defined mentality helps ground me and allows me to refocus on my true intentions. This mantra and mentality has been such a guiding light in my journey and my life as a momma because it is a reminder of my strength and my power as a woman. Unfortunately, this is something most moms tend to forget about themselves. I would like to share mine with you for you to use or utilize as a guide to define your own.

Become your own Wonder Woman, don’t rely on the energy of the outside world to fuel you, find out what makes you strong and what makes you awesome and run with it.” I want to break this down for you, to show you why it is so important for us to follow and hold close to our hearts, why it means something to me and why it should mean something to you.

wonder woman“Become your own Wonder Woman.”

This part is really simple. It just means to be your own hero. It is 2018 and there are still mixed messages about what our roles are as women and as mothers. Creating a powerful mantra establishes your role for yourself. You are your superhero, you are the heroine of your own story. You and only you have the power to control your life and how you allow it to make you feel. Although we are creatures of our community, at the end of the day, you are the one that needs to put your head on your pillow at night and feel content with what type of wife, mother, friend, sister, and person you are. I don’t mean to sound grim, but it is truly no one else’s responsibility to save you, to pick you up and put all your tiny little pieces together again. I really want to empower you to be your own superhero and be aware of yourself enough that you know how to be there for yourself, so you can truly thrive in that space.

Wonder Women take control! They take initiative and they run their lives on their own terms. Do you feel like you really belong to yourself? Do you trust yourself? Do you know when you need to ask for help? Are you comfortable with just spending time alone? Or are you living to please your spouse and children? Are you constantly relying on others to fill you up? Do you not feel connected to your sense of self and self-worth? Find ways to flip that around and figure out how to fill up your own cup. It is time to do some solid introspective work, dig deep and uncover whom you are as a person and what that means to you.

“Don’t rely on the energy of outside world to fuel you.”

This is a big one, especially for us mommas. There are thousands of mixed messages sent out every day regarding what we are supposed to be. We are supposed to have hair that looks like this, a body that looks like this, and we are supposed to be nice and demure, but also strong-willed and well spoken. We are supposed to cook like Giada, but also be a mom to the most perfect family, and that’s just the media! Then we get sucked into the expectations of the people in our everyday circles. Do you know what sucks about external expectations? They are fluid. When you put your self-worth in the hands of other people you are always at the mercy of the ever-changing opinions. Who are you at that point? There will always be someone who doesn’t think you are smart or pretty or kind or funny or good enough. If you base your self-worth on a trend or what someone else wants from you, you will never find it, you never win and you will never have actual self-worth.

A true Wonder Woman derives her worth from within herself. She is constantly looking inward, she asks herself questions about what she likes most about herself and where she can continue to grow. It is about constantly building and working on your strengths and your weaknesses. It is not up to anyone else to deem you worthy or unworthy. This has to come from inside.

What metric are you using to measure yourself? When do you feel your sense of worth is at its highest? Make a list and see when you feel the most validated. If you find your answers are coming from more external validation and other people and less from internal satisfaction then it is time to dig Momma! Don’t forget to list things you love most about yourself as that transitions into the last and final piece of this.

“Find out what makes you strong and what makes you awesome and run with it.”

We all play the comparison game. “This person has a nicer home than me, a nicer car than me.” “I wish I was as good of a parent as she is.” The list goes on and on. And honestly, social media makes this approximately 75,000% worse. We are constantly in a contentment deficit. We are so distracted by other peoples filtered perfections that we completely bypass acknowledging our own strengths and accomplishments. Do you know how draining it is to live your own life trying to make your life look like someone else’s? Do you know how awesome you already are on your own? You are the only one of you that there is. How amazing is that? You have something special about you… harness that.

When you are fully living as your honest authentic self, everything becomes different. Why? Your thoughts trigger emotions, your emotions trigger actions and your actions trigger your life. Think about how you are going to act if you are constantly trying to fit a mold you don’t belong in. I would venture to guess those actions are not going to harbor growth, happiness or prosperity in life. They certainly won’t make a good example for your children or a support system to your spouse. Now think about how you are going to act differently if your thoughts were focused on the things you do very well. I think you’d feel more vibrant and fulfilled. I think it will give you purpose. Think of the kind of people and environments you are going to attract when you are vibrating at a higher frequency.

We all lose the childlike sense of self where you are not inhibited by what people think and how we believe we are supposed to be. Once you find your truth and who you are it will allow you to be the best person for your family, friends, and world around you. That is what I want for you Momma! You cannot be anything to your family without being everything for yourself. Momma, it is time to get a little selfish. It is time to do a little digging and uncover the woman under all the false pretenses, all the judgment and all the negativity that we have subconsciously surrounded ourselves with. Find your Wonder Woman mentality and let it fuel and guide how you live this life.

Share your newly defined Wonderwoman Mentality or mantra with us below in the comments!