Mr. Stranger, Don’t Offer My Kid Chocolate Cake!



When my daughter has a large amount of sugar, it is safe to say that she turns absolutely crazy for about three hours. Maybe it is because we normally don’t give her much sugar or maybe it is because she is just a kid, whatever the case is – she goes to nutville! Last weekend we went to a birthday party and I am trying not to be such a “helicopter mom” and assist her on all her decisions, so when a big square piece of cake landed in front of my daughter of course she dug in without any parental assistance! So, she ate ALL the frosting first and then proceeded to eat the cake. I knew the time bomb was about to explode!

We left the party and headed out to meet daddy for dinner. This is when the insanity started. My daughter was jumping in her seat, playing with multiple knives, trying to cut the seats, standing up on her chair trying to knock on the glass partition…I mean this dinner was a down right a spectacle. My husband and I were looking at each other smiling as we both thought to ourselves, “Who is this child?”

A nice older couple sat down next to us for dinner and started to talk to us. We talked to them a bit and also apologized for our sugar crazed child. After their dinner and viewing what a crazed-sugar-high child acts like they started to enjoy the biggest chocolate cake I have ever seen. Then, out of nowhere ask her if she would like a bite. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am firstly appalled by the fact they would offer my child some chocolate cake after I just told them she is wild-child because she ate a huge piece of cake at a birthday party. And second, when is it “okay” to offer food to a child whom you do not know? Was it to make our night even crazier than it already was, to keep us up till 3:00am or was it because they were the most naïve couple in the world?

What do you the SMB readers think of this? Isn’t this something that would be appalling to you? Or do you think it was a nice gesture?

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  1. Funny post! We don’t really give our 2 year old sweets so I’m pretty sure she would react the same way! I’ve seen kids exchange food at the playground before. But, an adult offering a kid food is just weird! 🙂

  2. It’s never okay in my opinion unless it’s one of the sample people at Costco! LOL We do allow sweets on occasion though.

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