Arizona Summers | Why do we live here again? Oh, yeah!


az2As we approach the seemingly endless hot summer days, I thought this would be a great time to reflect on why I do love to live here and all the things I am grateful for about Arizona.

1)      The air lacks even the smallest iota of moisture, so my hair dries in no time at all. I am always reminded of this when we travel to other places and it feels like it takes FOREVER for my hair to dry.

2)      The year-round warm weather makes pedicure appointments a must. It is like having a really good excuse to get pampered regularly. If I lived in cooler climate, I would only have this excuse in the summer. That would be no fun!

3)      Where else can you live that you could drive from desert to mountains, forests, lakes, and ocean all in one day? There are some amazing places to explore in Arizona and nearby states!

4)      We have the most fantastic resorts scattered all over the city. Even if you can stop in a fabulous resort for just one overpriced drink, it can feel like a mini-vacation. {Speaking of which, did you catch our two-part series on local staycations? Here’s Part 1 and Part 2!}

5)      We do not own boots, gloves, snow hats, winter coats, sleds, ice scrappers, or snow shovels; I could go on and on. Now I do own endless supplies of water bottles to keep everyone in the family fully hydrated, but I will take that over keeping track of all that other winter stuff.

I plan to re-read this list come July (and August, and September, and maybe even October). This will help me remember all the good things about living here when my car turns into an oven and buckling the seat belts comes with third degree burns!

Do you have any other fun things to add to the list? Please post below! It would be great to read about why you love to live here too.  


  1. Dry sauna. Always sweating so sweating out toxins. Sunny almost 365 days = happiness. Endless pool parties. Forced to stay fit especially when you have to throw on that bikini on the fly. Etc. etc.

    • So true Kristie! Love the sun here. Love swimming year round. Not 100% with you on the bikini on the fly. Ha! But I wish! Thanks for the comment.

  2. This will be my second summer in Arizona and I feel like it’s already worse than the first! Definitely going to take more than a few years to get used to this heat! But you are right, there is still plenty to do!

    • Hi Chelsea! I know it is horrible isn’t it?!? But I promise that it does get better! I have been here almost 13 years and it has gotten so much easier. Somehow my body has adapted to the heat.

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