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I turn 29 this month…and although I try not to put too much emphasis on a number…I do feel slightly panicked to be in the last year of my twenties.

To me, being in my twenties feels safe to make mistakes and learn, whereas the idea of being in my thirties makes me feel like I should have it all figured out and be good at adulting. Never mind the fact that I’m a wife, mother, and contributing member of the workforce and society. Also, never mind the fact that OF COURSE you’re allowed to make mistakes in your thirties and beyond.

I’m sure I could write a whole article, heck even a book, into the reasoning behind these feelings, but instead I thought I would make a fun bucket list of 30 Before 30…thirty things I want to accomplish before turning the big 3-0. If you’ve read my previous articles you know that I love things like Vision Boards, Gratitude Journaling, and incorporating Yoga into your lifestyle. So, it’s only natural that I want to parlay this anxiety about age into a fun bucket list of goals!

Some will be big, others will be quirky, a few will be practical, but ALL of them will make my last year in my twenties fun!

Here it is!

  1. Take a vacation with my hubby, no kids allowed!
  2. Go see a movie…in an actual movie theater
  3. Attend a Children’s Yoga Teacher training
  4. Learn how to cold brew coffee at home
  5. Find a fantastic anti-aging eye cream (recommendations?!)
  6. Feed the giraffes with my daughter at the World Wildlife Zoo
  7. Make a will (I know, I know-I should already have one!)
  8. Enjoy a spa day with my mom and sister
  9. Actually go to the dentist twice in 12 months…
  10. Unplug for a WHOLE weekend
  11. Eat oysters and drink a fancy cocktail at Buck and Rider 
  12. Curate my “mom style” so finding an outfit every morning is fun!
  13. Teach 8 Yoga classes a week
  14. Go to Phoenix Children’s Museum with my daughter
  15. Learn how to do that cute side braid hairstyle I have pinned on Pinterest
  16. Only spend $100 on groceries for a whole week’s worth of meals (tips?!)
  17. Hike Camelback Mountain (something I’ve NEVER done even though I’m an AZ native!)
  18. Attend a blogging workshop or conference
  19. Find a signature lipstick color
  20. Slow dance with my hubby in our kitchen
  21. Start (and keep!) a weekly chore schedule
  22. Take a barre3 class
  23. Host an over-the-top Halloween Party, complete with a costume contest
  24. Teach 15 babies Yoga from conception to toddlerhood (This one may need some explaining! I teach Prenatal Yoga, and Mommy and Me Yoga. So far, I’ve had 5 moms who practiced Yoga with me while pregnant, come back for Mommy & Me once their babies were born. It’s one of the most rewarding things to experience as an instructor!)
  25. Become an expert at the “At-Home Mani/Pedi”…tips anyone?!
  26. Read (and follow) Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover
  27. Spend a day volunteering as a family
  28. Finally get some new glasses (maybe from Warby Parker?)
  29. Redecorate our family room
  30. Drink a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne (not all by myself of course…)

What do you think?

Have you made a Bucket List of things you want to accomplish before you hit a milestone decade?

If you have any tips for me on the things I listed-please comment below!





  1. Girl, I hear you! I just turned 30 and I totally felt the same way when I was 29. I still don’t feel like a real adult, but maybe I never will! But I do have some tips for you. I love cold brewing at home and my fave method is the Toddy system. It is super easy and makes delicious coffee! For eye creams, I don’t know your specific concerns (wrinkles, bags, dark circles, etc.), but StriVectin is a fantastic brand and so worth every penny. On grocery shopping, you might look into EMeals. They have several different options, but the basic premise is that you get a week’s worth of dinner recipes and they have an interactive app with a grocery list that will make your shopping so much easier (Dave Ramsay recommends it).

    • Thanks so much for the tips Lesley!!! I especially love that the Emails App matches up with Dave Ramsey! I always have really bad dark circles (since my skin is so fair) but now am starting to get those dang crows feet-I’ll for sure check out StriVectin. Xo.

  2. haha….learn the cute side braid….I have been trying that for so long! I hoe you have better luck than me 🙂 I still plan on my baby being one of those yoga babies of yours, i have to get in soon!

  3. Yes Jessica come to a class soon! Haha, and I’m thinking I may need some professional help with the side braid-maybe we need a class?!

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