10 Things Giving Me Life Right Now


In a time when it feels like the world is trying to suck the life out of me, there are a number of things that are actually giving me life.  Some of my “life saving” things are frivolous and some are quite inspiring and uplifting.  When I say “life saving,” I’m talking about bringing joy to my heart and lifting my spirit out of the heaviness of the world environment we are experiencing. Here’s a list of 10 things that are currently saving my life.  

  1.  The Office Ladies Podcast – You guys, if you are a fan of The Office, do yourself a favor and tune in to this podcast.  It’s hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (aka Pam & Angela from the show) and as real-life best friends, they have such a fun rapport. They break down each episode of The Office (opinion alert: The greatest TV comedy, ever) and give lots of fun facts and insights that can only come from the gals who were there.  My tip is to make your way through The Office before you listen to the corresponding podcast because you are going to want to have the episode fresh in your mind as you listen.  Also, I love that Jenna and Angela make me feel like I’m their other bestie.   
  2. My Dishwasher – Yes, it is giving me life.  Our dishwasher went out in February.  As we were about to buy a new one, Covid shut downs started to happen, delaying us to get a new one.  A couple weeks in to the closures, we took the big leap to get out to a store to buy a new one.  But, oh my gosh, they were out of stock on basically everything in the warehouses.  The manufacturers couldn’t fulfill orders because they were also closed.  People got their stimulus checks and went out in droves to buy new appliances which wiped out all stock.  It took weeks before my dishwasher came in and I had already gone months without one at that point.  I know this is very much a First World problem, but I was so dang tired of handwashing all the dishes.  I’m so very grateful for having that thing, I just cannot even tell you how much.  
  3. Houseplants – I’m not trying to brag, but it turns out I have a green thumb.  I started off with collecting succulents and tucking them into little corners, counters, and spaces around the house.  Then I got a snake plant.  It made me so happy to look at.  For Christmas, my husband bought me a fiddle-leaf fig tree and a basket to hold it in.  Happiness and joy fill my heart as I stare at it all the time.  I’ve added many other houseplants in the last 8 months and they are just giving me so much life.  And, I am learning as much as I can about how to give them life in return.
  4. Sensible Shoes – I don’t know what to tell you.  I’ve entered a season in my life where I only wear sensible shoes.  It’s who I am now.  I’m so much happier for it.   
  5. Perfect Formula Gel Polish – Since I’m not going to get my professional manicure, I need something that is easy and not time consuming.  Perfect Formula Gel Polish is the best home brand gel polish in my opinion.  A single coat is all it takes to get a really pretty, sheer pink nail and the tips look white.  It looks like I had a French manicure. It dries in about a minute!  The polish has a protein in the formula and it makes nails strong, seals and protects so that your nails grow.  I can go 7-10 days between polish changes!  I’m so all about this polish. It also comes in colors. Check out their website, but also look it up on QVC for bundle deals.  
  6. SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 – There’s so many reasons why I love this product.  First of all, it’s the only SPF I’ve ever used that does not irritate my skin or my eyes.  It’s not a moisturizer, but it feels like it could be.  There’s a tint to it that adapts to skin tones and does not leave a white cast.  Have you ever taken a picture and wondered why your face looks like a ghost? That’s usually because of the light reflecting off of your sunscreen. That does not happen with this stuff.  I love that it makes my complexion look even and luminous.  It doesn’t have any weird stuff in it, and at $36 for a bottle that lasts several months, it doesn’t break the bank. 
  7. Costco Prosecco – The best $6.99 you can spend, if you ask me.  A cheap sparkling wine that doesn’t taste cheap.  Light, refreshing and crisp, I love this Prosecco for everything from an actual reason to celebrate to Sunday brunch to Tuesday night after you’ve homeschooled so hard and made approximately 1,258 plates of snacks.  Prosecco is lower in calories and sugar than Chardonnay, so that’s cool. The important wine people have given high marks to this Prosecco and so do I. 
  8. My Son’s Second Grade Teacher – This woman has received her Masters in Education from Magical Unicorn Teacher University.  I cannot say enough about how much I like her.  In the first week of school, she sent an email to the parents reassuring us that even though the kids are learning from home, it’s her job to teach them and she will not be leaving it up to us.  On occasion a parent might need to step in to help navigate from one program to the next, but only after she has exhausted all other options to help guide. She might not be digging the whole online distance learning platform, but you would never know it.  She is so patient.  She engages the kids and has created a little community for their online, distance learning group.  After seeing how amazing she is online, I cannot wait to see how amazing she will be in person when the time comes to safely resume classroom learning.   
  9. Chasing Vines by Beth Moore – Generally speaking, Beth Moore is a person who excels in the life-giving arena.  If you’re not familiar with who Beth is, she is a Christian author and speaker whose messages are just jam-packed with truth and wisdom and delivered with a sense of humor and encouragement.  In Chasing Vines, Beth masterfully illustrates how every aspect of viticulture (the cultivation and harvesting of grapes) has symbolic application in life, from the soil, roots, pruning, even manure and pestilence. This book is so life-giving.  Here is a line I highlighted: “Your fruit will outlast your life. You can’t always see the effects, because they are eternal, but one day you will. One day, you will see that you couldn’t have been more significant if you’d tried.”  
  10. Trader Joe’s Bruschetta Sauce and Steamed Lentils Mixed Together – Guys, I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but you simply must get to Trader Joe’s and buy these two things.  All you do is mix together in a bowl.  You could top with feta cheese, if you want to make it extra.  I scoop it up with the plantain chips or sweet potato crackers.  Sometimes I scoop it on a bed of lettuce and whatever veggies I have on hand.  Sometimes I serve it over pasta.  I always take this dish to potlucks and to new moms or a sick mom friend and serve it at 100% of my parties.  **Ahh, parties….** People go nuts over it and it’s so unbelievably simple, delicious and healthy.   

There you have it!  Ten things that are currently saving my life.  As I sat down to compile this list, I realized that there are actually a lot of things that I could add.  There is much to be grateful for amidst the chaos and hardships that comes our way.  What is saving your life these days?  


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