Diaper Bag 101 {What you need to pack to be prepared!}


Diaper Bag doneI recently read an article about how mothers in France “live and let live”.  They don’t pack huge diaper bags or thrust all kinds of emergency paraphernalia into their strollers for all of life’s      “what-ifs”. 

They just take their child, their pram, and a fashionable handbag, and head off on their day.

Well, well, well” … I thought.  I would never make it in France.  I am a planner!

I need to know that no matter what happens, I am prepared.  That’s the way I roll. Here’s my quick list of diaper bag packing tips so you can be prepared too!

Diaper Bag {Baby Stage}

Diapers (3)
Thin diaper changing pad
Wipes (travel size)
Formula container & bottle or breastfeeding covershawl
2 small distractive toys (that they haven’t seen in a while) 
Ones-z (one piece extra set of clothes cuts down on weight vs. 2 piece)
Baby spoon + 1 baby food container
2 Bandaids and travel size Aquafor (can double as a boo-boo healer + chapped lips/skin)
Travel size Desitin, Purel and sunblock
Safety pin (one never knows)
1 plastic grocery store bag (for trash/dirty diaper)
2 old baby food containers filled with munchies stars/cookies
Infant Tylenol dropper
Small cloth to wipe nose or drool

Diaper Bag  {Toddler Stage}

Diaper/pull-ups (1 -2)
Wipes (travel size)
Ziploc of a few crayons or colorful pen and small notepad (distraction)
Mash-up fruit snacks or 2-3 small used baby food containers with goldfish, pretzels for emergency hunger
2 lollipops or a handful of skittles for emergency upsets (hard to still cry when you’re chewing candy)
Chewable Tylenol container for vaccinations or sudden fever
1 extra dress or shirt/shorts
Safety pin (one never knows)
1 plastic grocery store bag for trash/soiled clothes
Travel size Purel
3 – 4 Bandaids + travel size Aquafor (boo-boo healer + chapped lips)
Small Ziploc of tissues
Travel size sunblock
Mom’s Iphone/Ipod (Dr. office distraction)

Potty-trained Little Kid Bag: {Such a good feeling to graduate from the diaper bag!}

3 – 4 Bandaids and small Aquafor (doubles as boo-boo healer + chapped lips)
small notepad + colored pen distraction
Iphone/Ipod (Dr office distraction)
Granola bar or gummy fruit snacks
2 lollipops for emergency upsets
Ziploc of tissues

And let’s not forget…

Diaper Bag on Wheels {Your Car!}

I hate public restrooms and especially hate the diaper changing tables.  So I created my own sanitary non-smelly peaceful changing area in my car trunk.  I found it much easier to just quickly head out to my car and change a diaper, then to navigate the public restrooms (especially with an older sibling in tow). Here’s pic of my setup (it works in all cars – mine was a Camry, this is a small SUV – works either way).

Car Photo - done

By having a diaper changing area supplied with diapers, wipes, Desitin, plastic grocery trash bags and change of clothes – you don’t have to carry as much in your bag (especially true with older kids – keep extra clothes in car, then not necessary to carry).

Other helpful car items:

First aid kit
Portable small potty w grocery bag liners (can purchase at baby stores) for emergency potty situations!
Small plastic bowl lined with a grocery bag for emergency vomit situations (and a paper towel roll and a small dish towel for quick cleanup).

So maybe I’ll never fit in in Paris but my thinking is: Once you are prepared, it’s easier to relax, get out and have FUN with your kids!

Let us know YOUR best diaper bag and car packing tips!