A mother’s wish for her kids this year {A Back to School Letter to My Daughters}


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A Back to School Letter to My Daughters:

Our summer days with their minimal schedules and seemingly limitless time together have now come to an end. You are both going to start going to school, find your own way and become more independent beings. As you begin 3rd grade and Kindergarten,  these are the things I wish for you:

School start wishes

  • That you enter the classroom with the same amount of fresh, creative ideas, confidence and beauty as you have when you come out of your bedrooms to greet me each summer morning
  • That on that first morning you reconnect with old friends on the playground and find courage to make new ones
  • That you greet your teacher with a big smile and say hello; show her you are excited and ready for the year
  • That the textbooks you see on your desks for this year fill you with wonder and not with fear
  • That you mind your manners, say please and thank you, and be sure to stop your sneezes with your elbow
  • That you see the kids who might be having a hard time at school and reach out to be their friend
  • That you pay attention and remember when it’s time for fun and when it’s time to learn
  • That if another cuts in line or takes an extra turn, you do not distress and realize that these are not important things
  • That you take a moment to eat your lunch before running on the playground, so you can stay active in mind and in body
  • That you learn the importance of managing your things; keep your desk, cubby and backpack organized
  • That you recognize the difference between kids who make good decisions and those who make bad. Choose wisely whom to admire
  • That the hug that I gave you this morning is tight enough and long enough to give you comfort if someone is unkind
  • That you slowly realize that with each passing year you may move further away from my care, but never my love