Baby Diaries | One Month Old & My Newborn Essentials


If you’re just tuning in, Lindsey is a mama of two boys who chronicled her second pregnancy monthly as part of The Belly Diaries series. Here’s her first update post-baby!

Hi mamas! I missed you guys. Nothing like having a baby to take you out of the game for a while.

I hope you all got to read my birth story. It’s hard to believe that Oscar is already one month old! To celebrate, I joined the circus and cut off all my hair. Okay, I didn’t join the circus, but I did cut off all my hair, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Okay, I guess that’s also an exaggeration.

I thought I’d share some favorite postpartum/newborn lifesavers with you that have made this first month a breeze.

1. Maya Wrap

If you’re the baby-wearing type, I highly recommend this ring sling. It can comfortably hold kids up to 35 pounds in multiple positions, and above all, it looks good, and let’s face it – looking good is the only thing that matters.

Gotcha! But really, I get compliments on this thing all the time, plus my little baby feels secure while leaving my hands free to wrangle my bigger baby. I wear it at home while getting ready in the morning (or afternoon…), I wear it grocery shopping, I wear it everywhere.

2. aden + anais Muslin Swaddles

I know the rules of swaddling have recently changed, and I have no desire to enter into The Great Swaddle Debate, but my baby loves to be wrapped up like a burrito and I will happily and safely continue to do so. That being said – coming off of the traditional receiving blankets, these blankets are revolutionary. In my opinion, receiving blankets are the worst. They start to pill after a few washes, not to mention the fact that they are the size of a drink coaster. aden + anais makes the biggest, softest, flow-y-est blankets; so soft and flow-y, in fact, that my husband has said that he wishes they made them in adult sizes so that he could be swaddled.

3. Food Tidings

This is a website that allows people to sign up to bring meals to you and your growing family. It really did save my life. I don’t know how on earth I acquired the most generous friends in the history of the universe, but I did (Maybe it’s my charm? Good looks? My phenomenal baking skills?) and they really brought it. Literally – they filled my fridge with homemade goodness and takeout for weeks. I would have been on a steady diet of nothing and granola bars because feeding myself was the last priority on my list while being sleep deprived and learning to juggle two kids under the age of two, but instead, I had nutritious deliciousness readily available to keep up my strength and take care of my family. Seriously, if you know someone who is about to have a baby or bring a baby home through adoption or recently did either – organize a calendar for them or take them some food. They’ll probably die if you don’t.

What saved your life in those first few weeks?


  1. Great list, Lindsey! It’s amazing how fast things change…aden + anais was nowhere with my first, and was just coming on the radar with my second. Now they’re everywhere! I’ve never had a ring sling but with each kid I’ve worn baby even more (to free up hands for the other ones, DUH) so I will look into that one (lived by the Moby wrap with #2). Your photos are beautiful and you look amazing. So happy for you!

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