BABY DIARIES | 9 MONTHS: Top 10 Highchair Dining Destinations

Beckett's Table

Although I like to cook, one of my husband and I’s favorite things to do is go out to eat. We love to try new places! As you ALL know well, with the exception of when we have a babysitter our dining experience has changed radically in the last 9 months! At first it was so easy, Easton just slept in his infant carrier and we went about dinner as usual. For the last three months though we’ve entered the realm of the highchair. With all the challenges of taking kids out to eat, we are DETERMINED to keep it up. Hopefully we will learn, as well as our kiddos, how to survive a restaurant as smoothly as possible.

For a couple months I’ve been compiling a list of the easiest places to eat out with kids in highchairs, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Chic-fil-a: In my opinion, hands down the EASIEST place to go with small children. There’s nothing this place doesn’t address when it comes to little ones. With tons of highchairs, disposable place mats, a clean play area, and special family fun nights, really, what else could you ask for?

2. Zoës Kitchen: New to the Scottsdale area, Zoe’s  is a clean and casual place with MANY kid-friendly options. I’m also a fan of their family “Meals to Go” and curbside service. The Scottsdale location is adjacent to Scottsdale Fashion Square just South of Camelback.

3. Pei Wei: What’s the solution for a shrieking baby in a highchair?…of course, a LOUD restaurant! Pei Wei is always filled with the clamor of people and pots and pans, so worry not about the noise coming from your table and enjoy your delicious beef with broccoli.

4. Chipotle: Great for lunch or dinner. I really appreciate their commitment to “Food With Integrity”, and for older kids they have very fun build-your-own tacos.

5. Paradise Bakery: Mainly for breakfast and lunch. This is one of our favorite places to meet up for lunch. It’s simple, friendly, and you just CAN’T leave without a snickerdoodle cookie…

6. Sauce: Wine, pizza, and delicious salads for Mom and Dad, but plenty of kid’s favorites too. Sauce has fast service to get you in and out on a hectic week night.

7. Market Bistro: A local gem for salads, sandwiches, and pizza that’s a bit more gourmet. Paradise Bakery style ordering makes it a workable destination with little ones.

8. California Pizza Kitchen: The first sit-down place on the list. It’s just a great family restaurant all around. Don’t forget their very convenient curbside service as well.

9. The Vig: A great local find, serving American classics. The Vig is a family-friendly place with kind of a “bar” atmophere. It’s always bustling and loud…perfect for noisy little guys and gals! The Vig also makes a great date night destination. Look for deals on!

10. Beckett’s Table: Ok, this is our favorite place when we were hoping for a “real” date night, but couldn’t find a babysitter. We like to go on the early side and treat it as a special occasion. Beckett’s serves modern American comfort food…I’m talkin’ AMAZING stuff here! The grilled salmon and the bacon s’mores make a perfect meal in my mind.

Do YOU have any favorites? Any recent discoveries? Does this mythical restaurant in the East Valley WITH childcare really exist?! 

Lastly, an update on the little man:


23 pounds, 5 ounces