BABY DIARIES | 1 YEAR! A First Birthday Party


On Easton’s first birthday we spent the entire day enjoying our little dude and celebrated with family and friends at our house. After struggling to settle on a distinct theme for the party, we decided to go with something simple: the number one, blue, orange, and balloons! I found everything I needed for the party at the places I recommended in my last post and at the Dollar Store.

It was a day filled with joy, but it was a long day nonetheless…

I was exhausted as I cleaned up the dishes and neatly stacked up all of Easton’s cool new toys (Remember: I’m also 33 weeks pregnant with Easton’s little brother at this point!). There was one thing though that was left untouched.

The whole day had flown by, but the sight of this partially clobbered blue cake made me stop. I just couldn’t throw it away without a few thoughts:

First…God, thank you for blessing me with Easton, his good health, and his sweet spirit.

…When you become a mom you’re heart expands. There’s more room to love in ways you’ve never loved before. There’s just nothing else like it.

Then…wow, it’s been a lot of work! Diapers, throw up, car seats, laundry, viruses, and on, and on, and on. As a first time mom you have to LEARN and DO so much, but every second is worth it…without question.

Finally…his second year is going to be even better. It just gets better and better.

And with that last thought I picked up the cake, and took it out. I was ready then…

We’ve come a long way, Baby.