The top 3 Baby Carriers for Scottsdale’s Warm Weather! {Ask the Local Expert!}


Scottsdale expertsWe at SMB are excited about a new little feature we’ve added to the blog!  In addition to our regular lineup of awesome Scottsdale Mom contributors, we’re including a monthly post by a LOCAL expert! We’re covering topics ranging from discipline to reading readiness to carseats and sippy cups!  

 Welcome back this month’s expert: Baby Gear Guru, Sarah Turney (Learn more about Sarah at the bottom of this post!) 

We all know that Arizona’s warm weather can present some unique challenges when choosing baby gear. Most baby products are well-equipped to withstand what we call our “cold” weather season, but it is important to take caution when choosing products that will be used during our hot months.

The piece of  gear that I have seen present one of the toughest challenges is baby carriers. 

Some wonderful, time-tested carriers offer ultra-plush, snuggly fabric that is just too warm for us throughout most of the year. Infants themselves are similar to little heaters when close to your body so what you must remember is also added into the baby’s body heat are your clothes and possibly undergarments, baby’s clothes, bib and maybe an infant insert (that is also like a little sleeping bag itself!)  That is a lot of layers for our warm weather. Here are my top carrier picks for Arizona: 

Warm Weather Baby Carriers

For carrying the weight from your back: BabyBjorn One Carrier (8-33lbs), $147 Target

This carrier fits like a backpack and draws the weight from your back, comfortably, with the structured lower back support panel. This carrier is a major upgrade from the famous, original BabyBjorn carrier that has been on the market for so many years. Structured back support and wide comfy straps help alleviate back pain. Another upgrade is the replacement of the thick fabric with a thin mesh replacement, perfect for Arizona weather. This Baby Bjorn One features the classic carrying positions; facing in or facing out on the front or back of your body. 

For carrying weight from your hips: Ergobaby Ventus Performance Carrier, (7-45lbs with newborn insert) $140

The Ergobaby carriers offer three carry positions: front (facing in), back and hip. This style carrier is great for people with back problems; the thick strap that locks around your waist ensures the weight of the baby is distributed to your hips and not your back. However, hands down, the best feature for those of you dredging the heat as we head into the fall season is the large, super-flexible mesh, quick-dry cooling panel that composes the majority of the carrier that the baby will be touching. Another great feature for outdoor adventures with your little one is the built in hood that offers an SPF of 50. 

Wrap option: Baby K’tan Breeze (8-35lbs), $60 BuyBuyBaby

The Baby K’tan Breeze is a ready to wear wrap-style carrier that has no hardware and requires no wrapping. The multiple layers of wraps of this style of carrier can normally create a lot of heat but what helps the carrier beat the heat test is the integration of mesh to the fabric being composed of 50% mesh and 50% natural soft cotton. An added bonus to this style of carrier is the option of sizes; small-extra-large to ensure a comfortable yet super-snug fit to encourage bonding with the baby. 

It hasn’t cooled down yet, but the good news is that you can still enjoy outside activities with your baby during the warmer months, with caution of course. You just need the right baby gear!

Ditch the thick, cuddly fabric and look for gear with breathable mesh fabrics, cooling panels, and sun protection to help keep baby and yourself cool, effortlessly. 

Sarah TurneySarah Turney was born and raised in Phoenix, graduated at the top of her class from Arizona State University with her degree in English. She is a former nanny of several years and then ventured into children’s retail. She has vast experience will all things baby gear including car seats, strollers, breast pumps, bottles and everything else needed for a growing family. Sarah is active on twitter and her blog, Baby Gear Geek and is currently in the process of developing her own maternity concierge service.


  1. Look into the Lillebaby. I used to have an Ergo, but the Lillebaby is a most definite step-up. They sell them at Zoolikins or selective ones at BuyBuyBaby. The Lillebaby has back support padding, more adjustable straps, the ability to wear forward facing (safely), and much more. Last year, I wore my 8mo old at Sea World in my Ergo and nursed her everywhere. The following month, I had gotten the Lillebaby, and wore her two days straight at Disneyland the same way I did at SW. The back support… What a difference!!! I have lower back pain just anyway, and the LB was far more comfortable. I live in Glendale, and I wear her still everywhere… It’s doable in the heat. 🙂

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