Infant Sleeping Solutions with Building Blocks

Thank you Building Blocks Family, for being a sponsor of our Bloom event!

Chelsea, with Building Blocks Family, shared all about infant sleeping solutions! She helps start you right out of the gate with a strategy for emotional and physical healing while learning all about your baby. She teaches you how to set up your day so that they learn how to sleep at night. 

Click here to watch the full video. 

Building Blocks Family offers a Sleep Soundly class for pregnant families or with infants under 12 weeks. Chelsea has created an online Sleep Soundly class. It is a 45 minute video and a 30 page download of materials.
She has created a coupon for you to use through the summer months. It will expire on 8/31/21. The code is MOM20 for 20% off. The class normally costs 75 dollars. Here is the link: