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For 11 months, we have co-slept. I would love to say it has been sheet bliss every night as his milk breath and sweet chubbiness has curled up next to me. There are those moments. It has been delightful most of the time. And all of us definitely get more sleep with him in the bed. The biggest problem though, is this little guy still nurses every 2 hours, 24 hours a day. Getting up every two hours has a deep effect on Mommy’s sanity. I have managed most days, but a year seems like my limit. I am starting to feel a little batty. So, here is my question for you, mommy experts.

If you have co-slept, how did you wean them off of those night feeds so you can get more sleep? Did you move baby out of your bed? Did you move baby out of your room? That seems like the only option, but drastic with how close we have been. Maybe I am not thinking of a way that worked for you? Help me ladies!! Mommy needs some sleep!!!


  1. W went through the same thing, only it was 16 months before I finally broke down. At that point my son was eating quite a bit, but still nursed every opportunity he had, he wanted to nurse all night and I was losing it. I talked to my doctor who was very AP friendly and she suggested that we have him sleep in his own room and have my husband give him a bottle of milk (I couldn’t pump so we chose goats milk). She said that he would still get the benefits of me nursing him the rest of the day, but we would all sleep better. She was SO right. Instead of waking every two hours he only woke once a night. He nursed until he was 26 months, but giving him that one bottle before bed saved my sanity. Not sure if that will work for you and your family, but it definitely saved me

  2. We didn’t co sleep as long- only until 7 months. We moved her into her own room and she started sleeping longer. We still nurse at 18 months and wake around 11/12 and 4/5 but at least it is something. That has helped my own sanity although we have occasional night of more awakenings (then dad goes in) or only one.

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