ADHD Lullaby: an Interview with Bryan Wisda


ADHD Lullaby

I had the privilege of sitting down with Bryan Wisda and learning about his first music album ADHD Lullaby.

I’ve known Bryan’s family for years. When we moved to Scottsdale, Bryan’s wife Sarah was one of my first friends. At the time, she owned a salon and I joke that she was a therapist for me. She was a kind listening ear to a girl that new no one in the area. Fast forward a few years, and my photography was on her salon walls – a huge compliment to me! Eventually, my oldest daughter was one of their babysitters. 

ADHD Lullaby

When our family heard of Bryan, an Arizona law enforcement officer, being injured in the line of duty in 2016, we were all thankful that he was recovering but so heartbroken at the circumstances. 

Looking back and seeing what Bryan has accomplished during his recovery is truly inspiring. During his recovery, Bryan practiced guitar, strumming chords during bedtime to help his son relax. He discovered that playing nonrhythmic music was more effective in helping his son fall asleep than traditional lullabies.

“From there, I asked a friend who is a psychologist why that worked. In western music, people are accustomed to hearing the pattern in the music. If there is no pattern, the mind will try to identify a pattern much like a fill-in-the-pattern math problem. I tried various combinations and found that combining rhythmic and non-rhythmic elements worked best when coupled with specific frequencies known within neuroscience to relax the human body and the brain.” – Bryan Wisda, Creator of ADHD Lullaby

“The order of the songs, the use of musical tension, each song’s tempo, and root note all serve a specific purpose. When coupled with specific embedded frequencies from neuroscience, these elements help relax the human body and the ADHD brain,” stated Wisda.

Their bedtime journey with their son struck a chord with me. Our middle son had a very hard time going to sleep for years. My husband and I would take turns sitting in the dark, just waiting for him to unwind. By the time we were finished, our evening was gone. We would vacillate between knowing that this was a parent’s love and privilege to sit with him and being frustrated that we had lost our time as a couple. Like everything, it was a season, but knowing there is another tool you can add to your toolbox of sleep tricks is welcome news! 

Hearing the research, passion, and love that Bryan poured into this project was an honor. He is already receiving messages from parents everywhere, thanking him for changing their nights.

To order a copy of ADHD Lullaby, you can visit this link: Click Here