A Thrifty Mom | Bi-Annual Consignment “Pop-Up” Sales


log_with_RIt’s getting warm outside.  Thanks to Mother Nature we got a little teaser a couple weeks ago to remind us that summer is just around the corner.  For me, that means it’s time to break out the summer clothes bin and assess what is needed to face the coming months.  This process ends with one result – shopping.  A couple years ago around this time of year, I began noticing signs along street corners for various kids sales.  The one that specifically caught my attention and brought me fully into the world of bi-annual consignment sales was Kids Closet Connection.  From there, I discovered many more of these “pop-up” sales that happen twice a year.  Since these sales have proved to become a gem in my life; I thought it would be worth sharing.  Here is some more information on what exactly these sales are and were you can find them.

1. What are Bi-Annual Consignment Sales?  Bi-Annual Consignment Sales are small business kids re-salers that will rent a small location twice a year in various parts of the valley.  They recruit sellers (moms) to sell their items with them as opposed to donating or taking to a permanent kids resale shop.  These sales require the seller to price, tag and deliver their items to the sale.  Sales can range anywhere from a couple days to a week.

2. What is the benefit of Bi-Annual Consignment sales vs regular Consignment Stores?  Bi-Annual consignment sales generally give sellers a much larger percentage of the profit.  For example, Kids Closet Connection gives sellers 70% of their total sales minus a small seller fee.  This is a much higher percentage than permanent kids consignment shops. Also, since these sales only happen twice a year, they offer large amounts of inventory and selection.  They also offer low prices because they are set by the individual sellers without store and employee overhead.

3. How do I get the best selection at a Bi-Annual Consignment Sale?  Many of these sales have Facebook pages or email newsletter sign-ups.  Through these, you can usually be invited for an “early bird” sale.  The “early bird” sales will usually give you access to the sale before it opens to the public.  If you’re looking for the greatest bargain, many of these sales offer 50% off on the last day of their sales.

4. How do I find one of these sales?  Generally these are held twice a year around  the valley in the spring and fall.  Here are a list of many of the ones that I have found.  If you want to shop now, Kids Closet Connection’s Glendale sale opened TODAY and Rea Lana’s NW Phoenix sale is in full swing.

If you would like more information on consignment sales and re-selling clothes, check out the 4-part series I wrote on my blog about clothing my three little girls 🙂

Have you ever shopped or participated in the Bi-Annual Consignment Sales?  What tip would you give to a new seller or shopper?

**Note: this post is non-sponsored.  All content is presented directly based on my knowledge and experience with logo permission from Kids Closet Connection.