Upscale Restaurants with Private Rooms in Scottsdale


Scottsdale, is home to a collection of culinary gems that offer more than just exquisite cuisine. These establishments have mastered the art of combining exceptional food with the allure of private dining rooms, creating an experience that is both luxurious and intimate. Delve into the world of upscale dining in Scottsdale and explore restaurants with private rooms for celebrations and gatherings.

Mastro’s City Hall Steakhouse: Where Steak Meets Elegance Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Mastro’s City Hall Steakhouse stands as a testament to culinary excellence. This upscale establishment not only delights patrons with its prime steaks and seafood but also offers a private dining room that exudes sophistication. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a corporate dinner, Mastro’s private room provides an intimate space to relish the delectable offerings while enjoying the company of your closest companions.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood: A Symphony of Seafood and Private Dining Eddie V’s Prime Seafood brings the ocean’s bounty to the desert with a touch of live jazz music and upscale flair. Amidst the opulent ambiance, Eddie V’s offers a private dining room that caters to those seeking an exclusive culinary journey. The combination of fresh seafood, prime steaks, and a private setting makes Eddie V’s a prime choice for those looking to celebrate in style.

Dominick’s Steakhouse: Elevate Your Occasion with Elegance Dominick’s Steakhouse is a name synonymous with refined dining. With its elegant decor and emphasis on premium ingredients, Dominick’s sets the stage for a memorable culinary experience. Their private dining rooms, designed to accommodate various party sizes, add an extra layer of exclusivity to gatherings, making celebrations truly unforgettable.

Ocean 44: An Oceanic Escape with a Private Touch Ocean 44 transports diners to an aquatic oasis with its impressive seafood offerings and stunning ambiance. As a cherry on top, the restaurant provides a private dining space, perfect for intimate celebrations. The blend of impeccably prepared seafood, exquisite wines, and a secluded dining area creates an environment that is both lavish and tranquil.

Lon’s at The Hermosa Inn: Rustic Charm Meets Private Luxury Amidst the enchanting ambiance of The Hermosa Inn, Lon’s offers a taste of Southwestern cuisine in an upscale setting. Their private dining rooms provide a cozy yet sophisticated space for gatherings. Lon’s commitment to locally sourced ingredients and warm hospitality makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a touch of rustic charm combined with private dining elegance.

Talavera at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale: A Culinary Oasis Talavera at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale captures the essence of the desert while offering a contemporary twist on steakhouse classics. The restaurant’s private dining rooms provide an exquisite backdrop for celebrations against the backdrop of stunning desert views. With a menu inspired by regional flavors and top-tier service, Talavera creates an unmatched dining experience.

The Capital Grille: A Blend of Elegance and Culinary Craftsmanship The Capital Grille, known for its dry-aged steaks and impressive wine selection, is a staple in Scottsdale’s upscale dining scene. Their private dining rooms cater to groups of varying sizes, offering an exclusive atmosphere to enjoy gourmet offerings and fine wines. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence in both cuisine and service makes it a sought-after choice for special occasions.

Bourbon Steak | Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Nestled within the prestigious Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Bourbon Steak stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and sophistication. With its renowned reputation for top-tier steaks and a dedication to the craft of fine dining, Bourbon Steak is a captivating addition to Scottsdale’s upscale dining scene. The restaurant’s commitment to providing an exquisite experience extends to its private dining offerings, where guests can revel in the opulent surroundings while indulging in the restaurant’s signature dishes. The private dining room at Bourbon Steak offers an intimate enclave for celebrations and gatherings, further enhancing the allure of this luxurious establishment. As you step into the world of Bourbon Steak, you’re not only welcomed into a realm of delectable flavors but also granted access to an exclusive setting where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Bario Queen Barrio Queen captures the vibrant spirit of Mexican cuisine and culture, redefining the culinary landscape of the city. As a distinctive gem in Scottsdale’s dining scene, Barrio Queen combines authentic flavors with a contemporary twist, offering a dynamic and unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant’s dedication to crafting dishes with fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensures that every bite is a flavorful journey. Amidst the lively ambiance, Barrio Queen also presents a private dining option that allows guests to savor their exceptional creations in an exclusive setting. Whether it’s a festive celebration or an intimate gathering, the private room at Barrio Queen provides a stylish sanctuary where guests can relish the vibrant colors, bold spices, and rich traditions that define Mexican cuisine.

In Scottsdale, upscale dining reaches new heights with these exceptional restaurants that go beyond serving delectable cuisine. The inclusion of private dining rooms elevates these establishments, offering an intimate setting for celebrations, gatherings, and special occasions. Whether you’re indulging in prime steaks, savoring fresh seafood, or embracing Southwestern flavors, the combination of upscale dining and private room offerings promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking both luxury and intimacy.