Interview with Jakki Liberman – founder and president of Bumkins


Did you know that right here in Phoenix, we have the home of a major baby and toddler brand manufacturer? I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jakki Liberman, the founder and president of Bumkins. We talked about how her company started when she was a mother of four young children, just hoping to create a better diaper. 

As her children grew, she saw a need for other sustainable products that made life simpler for parents. That company has grown to include products for all baby and toddler stages! (And includes branding from characters that you know and love!)

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Bumkins has been designing fun and functional baby products since 1989. 

Bumpkins spoons

Jakki shares what is was like to be the founder and president of a woman-owned manufacturing company. As she spoke, I was moved at how she views her employees as family and makes her decisions considering their livelihood and future as well. 

Her slow and steady approach is what she believes helped her adjust to product changes, manufacturing challenges, and the pandemic. She worked tirelessly to understand her business from start to finish – material acquisition, production, sales, fundraising and everything in between. 

Bumkins plates and bowls

She has done her time on the trade show floors, before virtual meetings and showrooms changed the world. She has juggled having four young children and a company she is passionate about.

She loves being a part of the Phoenix community and is dedicated to giving back through Bumkin’s B.Kind program. They support local charities like Maggie’s Place, UMom, and give to numerous foster care families. 

Bumkins snack pouches

I hope every girl in Phoenix is able to hear Jakki’s passion and story. Take some time to listen to Jakki and her incredible story! And be sure to check out their beautiful baby and toddler products that make the perfect gift!