Teach your Kids About the Ocean While Stuck at Home


Here in Scottsdale, we may be far from the ocean, but that doesn’t mean its not important to our families. Teach your kids about the ocean while we’re all spending extra time at home.

Just like rainforests, the oceans are our planet’s lungs. From generating half the oxygen we breath, to mitigating the effects of climate change, our kids need to understand that humans rely on the oceans for our very survival. We need to care of the ocean, as well as all the plants and animals who live in it. 

Parents looking for some excellent online learning options (while facing the new reality of weeks at home with the kids) should check out Online Oceans, the new resource from educators at Vancouver-based Ocean Wise Conservation Association and the Vancouver Aquarium

Online Oceans brings ocean-inspired crafts, activities, DIY videos, livestreamed learning, and more, to families around the world. Offerings are broken down by age group (ages 2-18) and include a hefty dose of fun. 

A highlight of Online Oceans is the livestreamed learning sessions on topics including: Ocean Plastics, Sharks! and Arctic Adaptations. Livestreams take place multiple times each week and are free to join from the comfort of your own laptop. 

If you are looking for something even more personal and engaging, you can sign up for a Virtual AquaClass. These personalized sessions allow your kids to meet online with an Ocean Wise educator to dive deeper into learning topics like “Careers in Conservation” or “Reptiles and Amphibians.” 

Normally reserved for schools – the Virtual AquaClass program is being opened to individual families during school closures. Virtual AquaClass costs $45 for a 45-minute session, and multiple families can split the cost to take part in a single session, each from their own home computer.

Teachers are also welcome to make use of the Online Oceans content, and will find that many of the resources are curriculum based and perfect to incorporate into their distance education offerings. 

Here’s a list of our favorite Online Oceans resources:

Enjoy diving into this great new resource.