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Before I started studying photography, most of my pictures were the same-old-same-old.  I would often show my pictures to friends and family and it seemed they had seen all 50+ images in less then 30 seconds. I now realize why – they were bored!  Shoot – even I got tired of looking at them because they were all the same! My main subject was front and center in every image, and honestly they all just looked the same after awhile.


Here is a little trick you can use that will make your images more interesting and balanced – it’s called the Rule of Thirds, and it goes like this: you break the image down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically as shown below – then you want to place your subject within the intersecting lines.  

 This simple rule can take a “same old” picture and turn it into something new and interesting.  Such as this little boy doing the very normal activity of snacking , this could be super boring, but the Rule of Thirds gives it a bit more pizzazz (side note – our eyes will naturally go left to right – so placing an image to the right will have a more natural feel to it) 


 But keep in mind – rules are meant to be broken and there is definitely a time and place to do such – especially if you want the subject to make a statement – one that screams, “Look at me!”  


Now that you have the Rule of Thirds down you now have permission to take a picture from every angle possible, keeping this little rule in mind.  So stand on a chair, or get on your tummy, get creative and see how many ways you can capture your subject.  With children especially, you want to get on their level which might mean getting really low and lots of running around! Here are some little tips to keep in mind when you are practicing: • When you take a picture up high, looking down – you create a feeling of submissiveness from your subject  

 • When you take a picture from down low, looking up – you create a feeling of authority from your subject

  Well, mommies, I hope these are some simple tips you can use to create more interesting and creative pictures of your children!  If you want some homework (and who doesn’t beg for homework?) – take one of your children and see how many different ways you can take a picture of them as they eat, draw, play with their toys, or even sleep.  And don’t forget the details – you don’t always need a face in your picture! Good Luck!  


Mary Jordan is an Associate Photographer with Kimberly Jarman Studios.  KJ Studios is a team of creative photographers and thinkers specializing in family portraits, weddings, and photography workshops. Visit the blog for recent work and updates. 


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