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As a cloth AND disposable diapering mom, I hear on the playground all sorts of crazy tips about diapers, where to get them, who has the best ones AND even how to get the stinkies out of my cloth diapers!

Since switching my toddler (almost TWO!) from cloth to disposable during my pregnancy (I’m a whimp and couldn’t handle the poo), I’ve run into leaks and blowouts and puddles.  Problems I didn’t have with the cloth.  I use the AmazonMoms site and get our diapers sent to our home on a monthly basis (can you say FREE SHIPPING?).  HOWEVER, this act of laziness (or brilliance) doesn’t help to support our local economy AND I can’t get the brands that I totally LOVE!  Here are my 3 favorite disposable diapers (that I’ve tried so far):

3rd Place: Target brand diapers – Pros: I LOVE the little polka dots on the bum (wish they had pink ones too).  Not too many problems with leaking or fit with these.  $0.17 per diaper (cheaper than Costco’s bulk deals) Don’t have the weird diaper smell (that I hate, hate, hate.) Cons: Don’t work for overnight.

2nd Place: Walmart brand diapers – Pros: Cheap $0.17 per diaper and effective.  I think they hold up better than Target brand diapers.  They are pretty sturdy.  Cons: Ugly. (I don’t need poorly drawn cartoons on my kiddos bum.  White please.)

1st Place: Safeway brand diapers – Pros: AWESOME closure – I mean this Velcro sticks SUPER tight 🙂  Great leak protection and great fit. Also a great price at $0.17  Cons:  Ugly. These aren’t terrible, but I think I just have a thing against teddy bears.

Alright ladies, do you think I’m CRAZY?  Have you tried other brands that YOU swear by?  Let me know WHERE you buy them and HOW MUCH!


Joy is the Co-founder of Scottsdale Moms Blog and absolutely loves living in Scottsdale with her hubby Kevin, their daughter Reagan (born August 2009) and their son Elliot (born May 2011).  She is a lover of nature, a research analyst on all things related to life, a home manager, a crafty art-eest, Chief Marketing Officer for Cactus CrossFit, mommy, daughter and friend.


  1. Fry’s brand is good. They also have an “overnight” version that works great for the longer hours of sleepy time. Not a store brand, but I love Luv’s. With coupons, they are very cheap. They are shaped differently (a little closer to cloth) and that seemed to work better for me. I can’t recall cuteness factor, because that wan never a consideration for me. Plus, it’s been 5 years si things may have changed!

  2. My last shipment from AmazonMom came from the Phoenix distribution center… Does that count??? Love our Huggies Pure & Naturals!!!! Rarely leaks and works overnight on my little guy who sleeps through the night on his tummy!

  3. I love this post. I had to laugh though b/c we use cloth (SoftBums) unless he is with a sitter AND for overnight. For overnight, we actually use the Target brand. He has never leaked through his cloth except for at night and so we use Target brand for his night time dipes! I heard we should try wool soakers for overnight but I think half-time cloth diapering is about as much as I can do right now! But I totally agree; I do NOT like the ugly cartoon prints. Nor do I like that weird fake baby smell which is why I love the Target ones. But since he has already figured out how to remove his diaper, I will have to check out the Safeway ones since you say the velcro tabs are great! Thanks for this post!

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