How To Make a Vision Board


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As the end of January nears, how are you feeling about your New Year’s Resolution(s)?

Whether your answer is “Ughhhh….” or “Doing Great!” creating a Vision Board for 2016 can help you get back on track …or help you continue to rock your goals for the duration of the new year! It’s a creative way to inspire you on a daily basis, and remind you of everything that you are hoping to achieve.

If you’ve never created one before, don’t worry, it’s fun! I have step by step instructions below.



Set Up Your Space

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Empty your workspace so the only items on your table are for your vision board. You will need a blank palette for your board, and you can use a board made out of a variety materials: paper, canvas, cork, magnetic, etc.

You will also need old magazines, personal photos, scissors, note pad to jot some ideas down, pen, and either a glue stick or push pins/magnets to adhere your photos on your board.



In order to figure out what to include on your vision board, you need to VISUALIZE! Get comfy, close your eyes, and visualize your dream day 1 year from today. There are no limitations to your dream day, let go of any fear or doubts you may have, or any obligations you feel stressed about. Walk through your dream day from start to finish, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, and don’t leave out any details.

Where are you?  Who are you surrounded by?

What do you spend your time doing? What kind of physical activity do you do?

What do you smell? What do you eat?

How do you relax? How do you have fun?

After you’ve visualized your dream day, write down everything so you don’t forget…don’t worry about neat handwriting-just get it all out! It can be paragraph style or bullet points, whatever works.  Once it’s all on paper, you can organize it into concrete goals to focus on, and possibly include a word of the year to summarize your main goal.


vision board collage

Now onto the fun part! Start going through your magazines and cut out any words or photos that match up with what you have visualized. Don’t worry if you cut out more things than you can fit, tear out anything that catches your eye. Once you’ve gone through all of your magazines, make your collage! It can be crowded and overflowing, or minimal with a few things to focus on-whatever speaks to you. Once you’re done, find a place in your home to display your vision board, ideally somewhere you walk by several times a day. You want to constantly be reminded of your Vision for 2016, and it’s even better if it’s in a place where other people will notice. I encourage you to enthusiastically tell people about your vision and everything you are working towards. Being vulnerable and sharing your hopes and dreams is the first step in achieving them!

What do you think? Is a Vision Board something you would make to help achieve your goals? Will you make one this year?