The Benefits of Minimalist Living for Your Mental Health


With so many things competing for your time each day, how are you to get it all done? Not only is it easy to get overwhelmed and burnt out, but you’re also left with little energy to do the things that count — like spending time with your family. Creating a minimalist living space can help you preserve that needed day-to-day energy, and allow you to focus on what counts.  

Benefits of Minimalist Living

Living minimally can bring great benefit to your life. When you own lots of “things,” there is more to pick up, clean, and care for. The less you own, the less you have to worry about in this regard. This frees up time to spend with family and doing things you enjoy. 

Another great benefit of minimalist living is that comparison weakens over time. When you stop giving physical items the power to add value to your life, you begin to place the value on the more important things, like family time or self development. You no longer compare what you have with what others have, because you’ve chosen to live differently and value experiences rather than physical items.

How to Live Minimally

The first step to creating a minimalist living space is to set your ground rules. This can mean establishing a certain number of items you want to hold onto or not worrying about numbers and focusing on keeping only what’s necessary. It’s up to you to decide what rules will help you reach your goals. 

Next, take a look at your furniture. Is it large and bulky or patterned and busy? If so, consider what you can do to use smaller furniture (and the least amount possible), and what you can do to make it look simple and clean. Likewise, eliminate any unnecessary items and clear off your surfaces to give the eye less to take in. 

One of the last basic tips you can implement is simplifying your decor. Use plants to liven up the space and a few pictures on the wall, but keep it simple and avoid using patterns. You’ll also want to keep in mind the importance of using calming colors like blue or green. 

Creating a minimalist living space has many benefits — including the energy to spend more time with those you care about most. Eliminating clutter also leaves you with fewer small decisions throughout the day, which in the end preserves more brainpower to make the big decisions better.