A Day in my Mom Shoes

SMB is happy to partner with Mox Shoes for this sponsored post, all opinions expressed are our own.

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We all know that being a mom is tough. We wear a lot of different hats and pretty much spend our days on our feet. For me, my days involve meal prep, laundry, cleaning, errands and chasing around my crazy children. While it is a lot of fun, I know it can be difficult to find a good pair of shoes that are comfortable for my busy life and still look cute. Even though I’m a mom, it doesn’t mean that I’ve thrown all sense of style out the window.

That’s why I’m so excited about my new favorite mom shoes: Mox shoes

The lovely ladies at Mox gifted me a pair of their adorable jellies to try them out and see what I thought. Since I’m also a fashion blogger, I knew I was the perfect person to put these flats to the test. Let’s be honest, I have a lot of shoes. Most of them I love, but I have plenty of pairs that will probably never be worn again because they hurt my feet. I have no idea how many pairs of shoes I own (I refuse to count), but my husband insists I own too many pairs. He is probably right.

I decided to give my Mox shoes a test run by wearing them throughout a typical day. I started my day by taking a quick shower and throwing on some clothes. Since I chose the platinum color of Mox, I found they matched pretty much everything in my closet. On this particular day, I threw on jeans and a classic gingham shirt with my Mox. Easy peasy. I made breakfast, packed lunches, got my kiddos dressed and ran out the door.

After dropping my son off at preschool, I headed off to run my errands with my daughter in tow. First stop was the grocery store. I noticed that my shoes sure looked cute as I glanced down through my cart. They were cozy as can be as I weaved my way through the aisles. My daughter was also relatively well-behaved so I consider that a grocery store win.

After dropping my groceries off at home, I grabbed a few things at the drug store then ran through the Starbucks drive through. After a morning of errands, I deserved a little treat on the way back to preschool pick-up. 

After picking my son up at preschool, we all ate a quick lunch and I put my daughter down for a nap. Nap time is never quite long enough because before I knew it, the clock told me it was time to get ready for swim class. I threw on a pair of black leggings, which looked great with my Mox. Honestly, these are the perfect shoes for swim class because it doesn’t matter if the jelly material gets wet. There is nothing worse than trying to rinse my kids off in the shower after swim in sneakers! 

We all met my husband back at home and decided to head out to dinner that evening as a family. After all, eating out means less dishes for me to do in the evening. I changed quickly into a comfy grey top, a scarf and my white jeans. I thought I looked pretty mom-chic if I do say so myself. 

After a day in my new shoes, I can honestly say these are perfect for us moms. No, you don’t have to be a mom to wear them, but they make so much sense for those of us who spend the bulk of our time on our feet. I wore mine for a whole day straight and proceeded to put them back on the next morning. Since Mox shoes was started by two stay-at-home mamas, they understand how our feet take a beating. They also get how difficult it can be to find comfortable shoes that are affordable (they only cost $40!) and look stylish. 

Now here’s the best part: Mox has graciously provided Scottsdale Moms Blog readers with a 10% off any purchase!

Use promo code SCOTT10 when making a purchase on the Mox website.

I promise, your feet will thank you for it.