Graduation Gifts for Every Personality


Gifts for Every Graduate

Graduation season is upon us. Are you having a difficult time deciding what gift to get? We suggest buying a present reflective of the graduate’s personality. Here is a roundup of Scottsdale Mom’s Blog recommendations for graduation gifts:

The sporty graduate

For the graduate who loves everything sports, there are a number of options. Assemble a gift basket with sports memorabilia, shirts, caps, socks, coffee mug and tickets to a game. If you don’t have the time to buy individual items order a preassembled basket from Design It Yourself Gifts and Baskets.

The adventurous graduate

Some high school and college students love to explore the world and travel during the summer before they begin their newest pursuit. For these graduates, airline gift cards, luggage, camera or a GoPro would make the perfect gift to either visit a new destination, help with organized travel or document their memories.

The book loving graduate

A good way to surprise the graduate who loves to read is to buy a Book of the Month subscription. He or she will receive a new book every month that is curated by special judges. The book selections won’t always be from the best sellers list, but might be undiscovered gems in the reading world.

The sentimental graduate

For the sentimental graduate, pen a letter of all of the attributes you believe will help them navigate the world. Splurge on stationery and if this graduate has been in your life for some time, try to find childhood pictures to include with the letter. I guarantee your special graduate will treasure the personal touch.

The out-of-the box graduate

What do you get the guy or gal graduate that doesn’t fit into a neat category? Try something unusual, like trapeze lessons, salsa dancing classes or passes to an amusement park. Think about their personality and determine which out-of-the box gift they might enjoy!

The tech-savvy graduate

All new graduates will appreciate the latest tech in the digital world. There are several fun options available. Consider purchasing an iPad, a new computer, software, or the latest video console with games.

The music fan graduate 

With the graduate who loves music, find out what musician he or she enjoys and buy tickets to an upcoming concert. If this isn’t in your budget, purchase a gift card from iTunes, buy an iPod or make a playlist of the songs the graduate might enjoy – you can put together a playlist of all the popular songs of 2016. It becomes a wonderful keepsake to revisit years from now.

The you-have-ran-out-of-ideas on what to get graduate

This one is easy! If you are struggling to find the right gift, cash and gift cards will likely appear on every graduate’s wish list.

Congrats to all 2016 graduates! The fun is just beginning. 

Image: Photo Credit: Graduation & Safe Driving via photopin (license)


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