20 Awesome Gift Ideas Under $20


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If you are like me, you have a laundry list of people to buy for, but are trying to avoid breaking the bank. Buying an awesome gift doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune. Whether you need stocking stuffer ideas for the kids or a gift idea for your hard-to-buy-for uncle, here are my top 20 gift ideas for under $20:

  1. Scarves. I strongly believe scarves are one of the best stocking stuffers you can give for women, men or older kids. They are an easy way to update an old dress or sweater and functionally keep you warm on a cool day. Lightweight scarves are perfect for our desert weather, or a heavier wool scarf is ideal when making a trip up to Flagstaff. My husband even uses a scarf when he travels to the Northeast for work! Especially if you have friends or family outside of Phoenix, no one would be upset receiving a cute patterned scarf to cuddle up with this winter. I recently purchased this buffalo plaid scarf for a family member, but I think you could easily snag a cute scarf for under $20 almost anywhere around town.
  2. Leggings. Since I’m a stay-at-home mom, I spend about 90% of my time (maybe more) wearing leggings. They are comfortable, on-trend and best of all, inexpensive. You can dress them up with a sweater and boots or wear them to the gym with sneakers. Leggings are also perfect for younger girls to throw on with dresses and sweaters. I love this basic black pair, but you can easily pick up a cute color or pattern at most retailers.
  3. Magazine Subscription. I’ve given magazine subscriptions several times over the past few years and they are always a crowd favorite. Magazines are perfect for your aunt who loves to cook, but doesn’t have room for any more kitchen gadgets, or your cousin who is into an obscure hobby you know nothing about. My son received a magazine subscription last year to the Thomas and Friends Magazine, which he believes is a new book arriving in our mailbox every single month. Check out Amazon’s humongous magazine subscription selection, which you can easily sort by price, hobby or interest.
  4. Essential Oils. I attended an essential oils home party over a year ago, and I’ll admit, I’m hooked. The oils smell amazing and are crazy effective on countless ailments. Since I have little kids, I no longer burn candles in my house and instead, regularly diffuse oils to enjoy the aroma. My personal favorites are lemon, lavender and cinnamon. Whether you purchase your oils from an independent distributor or snag a few bottles at Whole Foods or Sprouts, you can’t go wrong with this idea.
  5. Framed Picture. I don’t think there is a single grandparent out there who wouldn’t be excited about a framed picture of their grandchildren. Grab a cute frame and insert a printed photo of your even cuter kiddos. No gift receipt required.
  6. Personalized Ornaments. I love giving and receiving ornaments. Every year when we put up our tree, it is fun to dig through the ornament bins and rediscover personalized ornaments from years past. I’ve ordered from Personalization Mall and Etsy in the past, as well had my kiddos paint pottery ornaments from As You Wish. Or if you are crafty, this would be a perfect DIY gift idea.
  7. Movie Tickets. Who doesn’t love going to the movies? You can pick-up a pair of passes from most theatres for right around $20 or purchase a gift card which can be used for popcorn and other concessions. Movie passes are the perfect gift for the couple who rarely gets a date night or for kids to check out the latest animated flick. For what it is worth, most theatres will give you a re-admittance pass if your kiddo doesn’t get past the previews. I know this through experience.
  8. Teething Necklaces. I absolutely adore the silicone teething necklaces popping up on the market. These are the perfect gift for any baby or new mama. My 16 month old daughter is still teething like crazy and she goes nuts being able to chew on my jewelry since it is typically off limits. I love the necklaces made by Little Teether, which is owned by a local mama. The entire 2015 collection is under $20.
  9. Dollar Shave Club. Am I the only one who hates buying razor blades? Razors are typically expensive and I’m always out of them when I need them. My hubby joined Dollar Shave Club about a year ago and he has no plans to quit anytime soon. The razors are great for men and women and the subscription model is priced just right. A 6 month membership or gift card would be practical and perfect for any adult.
  10. Books. Fabric books, board books, story books, chapter books, novels, cook books, sticker books, coloring books. The options are endless! No parent is upset about adding a new book to the collection and it is rare to find a book priced over $20. E-books are a great option, too!
  11. Underwear and Socks. Yes, this gift is somewhat cliche, but the cliche exists for a reason. Does anyone actually enjoy buying underwear and socks? While maybe not the most fun gift to buy, you know they will be used every single day. Grab your kiddos a new set of Paw Patrol undies or athletic socks for your hubby and know your money won’t go to waste.
  12. Legos. Whether you need Mega Blocks for a small toddler or traditional Legos for your school-aged kid, this gift will bring hours upon hours of entertainment. I also love the pink and purple castle options out there for girls. Just try to avoid stepping on them – OUCH!
  13. Play-Doh. I’ll admit, I have a love/hate relationship with Play-Doh. My son is borderline obsessed with Play-Doh right now and I love that it is quiet and encourages creativity. But I think it is inevitable to have little pieces of it end up all over the floor. Despite the mess, I’ve never met a single kid who doesn’t enjoy playing with it. Even adults have a hard time keeping their hands off of it. Just try to encourage the kids to play with it outside!
  14. Personalized Golf Balls. My husband is an avid golfer and despite his best efforts, he tends to lose a ball or two with every round. Since every golfer seems to struggle with the same problem, golf balls are the perfect gift for anyone who likes hitting the links. Get them personalized with a  cute saying or message to make them extra special.
  15. Hand Towels. Let’s be honest, it is really hard to keep hand towels looking nice. By definition, they are meant to clean dirty hands. Whether you choose a festive pattern or a neutral color, you know that this gift will be put to good use.
  16. Jewelry. Every young girl or woman would love this gift. Statement necklaces, especially ones with sparkly crystals, are trendy right now and the perfect way to instantly dress up an outfit. I love this mint and crystal necklace from Nordstrom, but you can easily find a cute jewelry piece just about anywhere for under $20 bucks.
  17. Portable Bluetooth Speakers. My hubby received a portable Bluetooth speaker for Christmas last year and we’ve been surprised with how much we use it. Whether doing work in the garage, playing outside with the kids or on vacation, these little speakers pump out big volumes by wirelessly playing from a phone or tablet. There are a ton of options available on Amazon, but you can pick one up at retailers all over town.
  18. Grill Gloves. These silicone grill gloves may look a tad look goofy, but they are amazing for anyone who spends time out by the barbeque. They are completely heat resistant and won’t catch on fire like traditional pot holders (I’m guessing we aren’t the only family who has had that happen). They can be used indoors as well for handling large pots or dishes without fear of burning yourself. Best of all, you can throw them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  19. Wine. A nice bottle of wine is perfect for almost anyone over the age of 21. I love giving wine as a gift for the hostess at Christmas parties.
  20. Starbucks Gift Card. When in doubt, grab a Starbucks gift card. I love Starbucks gift cards because even a small dollar amounts are useful to grab a latte or two.

Would you be excited to receive these items? Any other ideas for great stocking stuffers?

I was not compensated in any way to promote the products included in this blog post. I personally own and love every single item and the opinions are all my own.